Sunday. Maybe there should not be Sunday. Maybe Sunday should be canceled as it allows people to relax and think clearly.
However, manipulators are so sure that manipulation became so much interwoven as DNA and RNA spiral inside of us, that they sleep well with Sunday being a kind of free day. Nikolaj Velimirovic, late Serbian bishop( died in 1956 in the USA), said once that when modern Serbia was created great, huge, influential people were living in small houses. When Serbia was replaced with Yugoslavia ( from 1/12/1918), little, tiny, small creatures lived in big, huge houses and palaces. People were complaining, but after some time started to conform and live as per the example of their rulers. The fate was lost. And when fate is lost, hate enters the soul at a considerable cost.
That negative energy becomes very destructive and also easily manipulative.
And for what? To destroy whom and why and for what? It comes to that simple thought. Life does not finish when you are 20-25 years old! Life starts then. If you, the young once, the very future of your country, try to define yourself and find yourself, instead to blame who knows what! If you refuse to get sold to something worthless but showy, if you, the very future of your country, replace frivolity with pure love for the place you are born in, you can really change many things!

If you make your small houses to become the nurseries of creative ideas instead of playroom for different destructive manipulative energies, then you will feel that you grow. Then, you will be surprised how easy it will be to realize your Purpose of Existence! With that path, without realizing you are walking towards fulfillment as a human being! That achievement is making all of us, IMMORTAL! You will become immortal! Immortality is connected with building, not destroying. Immortality is closely connected with goodness and love!
We all still have consciousness. That is something no manipulator can control or project the reaction. That is the last line of defense of the souls. And, to use statistics, it wins over in more than 95 percent of cases! The point is TIME! Do not waste time and destroy from 20 to 40 years old. Instead, learn to build from the time you remember that you exist in this world! Let the building of trust, love, respect be the first memory you will never forget! Always to remember!
Definitely, the great manipulators will consider canceling Sundays!
Sunday is not only a free day, but it becomes the day of consciousness increasingly!
And as a message to all, pure human consciousness will prevail over your destructive video games you transfer to the streets of freedom-loving cities! Whatever you think about manipulated youth, be sure that all of them have consciousness protected and working deep down! They know that you are thinking of them as “deplorables!” They despise you! Yes, you, the manipulators. When awakening happens, with destructive becoming creative energy, with the truth enlightening our souls, we will give it a try and push to awake you also!
We will try to diminish palaces as living places, instead, making them museums. And we will reborn creative ideas and work for the good of all! No matter the number! 20 billion is an excellent number for inhabitants of this planet! So much work is in front of us! Instead of destroying with sick selfishness, we will build to make an Earth paradise for 20 billion people!
To do that we start from our own city first! Instead of destroying, we build!
Instead of hate, we love! In spite of all those manipulators!

Love, Build, Respect!
And Sundays will continue to exist!



Connect and Respect

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