Goat or Sheep, Wolf and Cabbage

All that and on Sunday! It looks like Sundays are the source of inspiration! Sundays, and by the sea! Sundays, by the sea, sun and some wind!
Words that got matured inside me take their place as athletes that are preparing to start the race! Then they begin to flow! It looks easy as instincts are clean, inspired by the need to get expressed, even if that is understandable only to me! That is how it goes on this particular Sunday!
Yesterday night made me happy as I could see that my behavior makes people around me positive, cheerful, and at the same time, thoughtful!
That renews the thought of what is to be human, what is to be a man.
Further, refreshing my information about Gurdjieff made me excited, and I started to reread some of his writings.
We are making compromises every day. With our selves and with the world around us! Our mind continually needs to search for compromises fighting our shortcomings all the time, as Gurdjieff observed a long time ago.
Reading George Gurdjieff brings always boost of inspiration.
Warmly suggesting you start or continue or refresh your interest in his writings.
So, what is to be a human being?
It is to protect and save as a whole and wolf and goat and shep and cabbage and at the same time, not only to protect them from each other but to protect them also from yourself!
Using ancient stories, Gurdjieff reminded me about one awkward problem our mathematics teachers used to ask us to solve, presenting it as “amusing math.” It creates zeal towards problem-solving and teaches us that being slothful is not a trait of man, of the human being.
The story goes like this.
Men have with him a Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage. He also has a small fishing boat and needs to take all of them to the other side of the river. To mention that Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage can not affect each other as long as men’s presence is assured. Also, men have only two places in his small fishing boat available. One position is reserved for him, and he needs to find a way to transport all three to the other side of the river, protecting all of them! If he takes the wolf to the other side of the river first, the goat will eat the cabbage. If he takes the cabbage first, the wolf might eat the goat. So the men start with the goat leaving the wolf with the cabbage. Then it goes back and takes the?


By getting the cabbage to the other side, men take the goat back!
Leaving the goat back, men transport the wolf.
And finally, men go back and takes the goat.
After a long journey and extra effort, men have completed the task.
No one eats anyone! Mission accomplished.
Hard work paid off.
Conclusions are yours.


Darko Richard Lancelot


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