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Yesterday as it was Sunday, ah that Sunday, we went to visit some ancient churches. As usual, the talk with the priest started. He, Pater Theodoros, born Bogdan from Romania and currently serving at the Monastery of St. John Lampadistis of Kalopanayiotis village in Cyprus, shared a brief history of this holy place. It is one of the most exciting churches as it shows”the curious custom of apportioning a church between the Latin and Orthodox rites.”Latin Chapel is in the north and Orthodox church south, and both are under the same roof!
After the visit, I went to the nearby village of Prodromos to see the ruins of the, once very famous, Berengaria Hotel named after Berengaria of Navarre, the wife of King Richard the Lion Heart.
As I walked towards the hotel, a car stopped by, and the lady, with a genuine smile, asked me where Prodromos is. Surprised, but returning the smile, I told them that it is here. “Is there anything else to see here?” she asked, having the same beautiful smile accompanying her question.
Well, I said, there is a Prodromos dam nearby. And when asked where it is, I cross my hands’ opposite way showing left and right and said -There!
I did not know the direction, and even if I knew I thought that it would be nice to meet the lady with such genuine, wholehearted smile in person. Actually, there were two of them( one driving and one smiling), not only with an exceptional smile but with wide open, curious, smart eyes. My inspiration doubled.
To cut the story short, we met, had a coffee, and talked about life in general. As I spoke about my philosophy of good news, I mentioned a respectful friend of mine living in the same city with them, giving his pseudonym “Velendis”! Poem reader, poem writer, successful businessman, father, and grandfather, he is the man with a beautiful heart and deep thoughts!
The day passed and today in the morning, ah that Monday morning, my dear friend “Velendis” called after many months!
We started talking about the situation in the world and how things are changing, for him to share with me the following short story!
Namely, his friend had a friend who decided to become a monk. He left for Mount Athos, where he became a hermit. Hermits are monks living in caves, avoiding contact with other people, dedicating their life to God, and praying.
After a time, his friend went to Mount Athos to visit him in his cave.
He approached the cave and saw outside some vegetables, onions, and water. He said hello to his friend hermit. With the face turned towards the cave, the monk replied: Welcome you, Cypriot! He understood his voice without looking at him after such a long time! “I am praying for you all this time,” he said.
Emotionally touched, his friend said: “Do you want me to bring you something?” thinking to take some juices and some more food.
And then, as it happens in life, the sentence came out of the hermit, profound and straightforward, and it represents all life!

One walk and one talk made my friend contact me and share the above sentence!
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