Intertwined thoughts


Beach, wind, sun, sea, my thoughts, and me making friends with the enemy! Doubt is our enemy. It is planted in us as luck of confidence for the system and its carriers. In the beginning, it was meant to be good! In the way of warning us not to get too excited and trust everything! But the trust for doubt was lost on the road, as carriers were looking much more for self-promotion instead of promoting the common good! Few that wanted the common good to prevail were systematically degraded and sometimes just removed in any way possible. Again that greed, not only in the material sense.

Instead of continuing towards universal, I would say Perpetuum mobile, self guarding society with free energy and no repression forces, somehow we got lost, losing clarity and confidence. Instead, confusion is governing us. Fear is in front instead of courage, determination, and love! And it goes and goes…. Conformism became the ruler!

Very cleverly planted as manipulators used lukewarm water to boil us, as the experiment with frog shows. It looks like that selfishness placed itself at the top of public interest, covering its hideousness with the mantle of false patriotism. It is a system in which strait forwardness is replaced by astuteness, hypocrisy and cowardice.

We are being slowly boiled and we even more slowly realize that we are being played all this time.

Mark Twain said that “It is easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled!”

But will they succeed? It looks no! Nothing is forever! Wishful thinking? Maybe, but with common sense as co-driver it looks that things will go for better after being much worse.

Sometimes thoughts are traveling so fast with speed exceeding that of light. And many of those thoughts, at least look like, are not connected. Or it seems like that. One is certain! They are original. They are genuine. Those thoughts arising from deep of each of us are new ideas!
Not phraseology! Phraseology is used to hide the lack of ideas, someone said!
It looks like that phraseology became very popular and widely spread in our “high technology” society that it managed to cripple and diminish all new ideas. It is taught in all the schools, from elementary to Ph.D. dissertations. Free, really free thinking is suppressed by advertising the same! So, it looks like this! They market critical thinking! Free thinking! And whatever else making people believe! Then it comes to the scientific method! And from free-thinking, you become involved with huge phraseology made so sacred to minimize any reaction and opposite thoughts! If you act, funds are closed, and you are just thrown out of the so-called system! Or you become a scientist for rent, or you lose your foundings! So if you dream of a big house and five cars the only way is to rent yourself. If not, you can still live with the prospect of becoming immortal as new, free ideas will be presented to the world through you!
However, it seems that whenever there is a slight chance for us homo sapiens to promote universal ideas, genuine and sincere, some secret, manipulative force appears and destroys the substance of the concept.
The name is let to stay as a warning to all others, promoting deep, human, original ideas! Do not even think to present the concept independently! Do not also believe that you can act as an independent. That is when you realize how massive is the control of everything.

And if the idea somehow reaches the light of the day, then that same invisible hand sets the stage for nothing more or nothing less than REVOLUTIONS! You can see how France’s economy was before the French Revolution and who stage the shortage of bread to initiate the revolution. You can investigate the state of the Russian economy just before the WWI and Bolshevic revolution.
Revolutions are initiated by presenting them as the most rational and universal way to implement the ideas carrying the weight of change for the better. Then those bright ideas become the opium for masses and are destroyed in practice. Just for people to lose trust and to have doubt for everything.
Is there a way out?
Start with your self and with your neighbors and friends!
Organize the “exchange of the genuine ideas” sections.
And do not stop!
Energy is spreading, and original ideas will spread.
Just like that!
And LOVE! Unconditionally love humans, as by loving humans, you will love yourself also!


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