Letter from 1463

Let’s share the letter which last King of Bosnia Stefan sent to Pope Pius II in 1463.

“The Turks promise to all who side with them freedom, and the rough mind of peasants( rusticorum rude ingenium) does not understand the art fulness of such a promise, and believes that such freedom will last for ever, and so it may happen that the misguided common people may turn away from me, unless they see that I am supported by you. “

When Mehmed II invaded and conquered Bosnia in 1464 so called peasants said:” It is not our business to defend the king. Let’s nobles do it!”

By trying to do “big” politics so many of governing people make crucial mistake by not listening to the people’s voice. So many of those think that they know the best, and if they at the end decide to listen, they choose wrong people to listen to.

Recipe for disaster.

Above are the extracts from the book of Cedomilj Mijatović

“Constantine: The last Emperor of the Greeks or The conquest of Constantinopole by the Turks(AD 1453).



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