Live for the Past, Present or Future time?

To make the answer at the beginning!
Live for the Future time!

The tree does not grow in the present but it grows with the present!

There is a strong tendency to manipulate you to accept the opinion that only present time is worthy of living! What a mess!
So many “mainstream influencers” are rented to make you digest and accept that only time that matters is the present time!
There would not be a present without the past, and without the present, there would not be future time!
So why are we “influenced” to accept that only present time matters?!
It is, again, so simple yet challenging for the people to comprehend easily. Mark Twain said that ” it is easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled”!
By accepting that only present matters, one crucial thing happens!
You are disconnected from planning the future. Others plan the future for you! And you are then, conveniently to those planers, set to live the present time they decided what that will be! Just see what is going on today! See how it was planed, while we were living in the present time for so many years fighting to secure a better living for our children and us!
Life is like planting seeds! Taking care of them and their growth! Being there all the time to inspect how they grow and projecting the future that will come! Planing the future using your present activity! Not letting others planing the future for you but getting that planing in your own hands!
That is called freedom!
Let us consider that we are planting seeds of awareness and love towards fellow human beings. We do not live for today, but for tomorrow!
We use the past for experience to act in the present to achieve goals for ourselves and humanity in the future!
It is a matter of choice for each and every one of us!
It is a matter of how we want history to remember us?
Destroyers or builders?
We are all passers-by on this Earth. Even those that are positioned in the present system to represent us are passers-by also. Influenced by the interests of few, they will not be remembered by history as essential people. They will be only one of those who had their interests before the interest of the place they represented. Means they will be equal to zero. Some might be remembered as below zero achievers. Matter of choice!
Some will be immortal, and some will be just nothing.
Some will leave the lessons for the future!
Some will be an obstacle for other people to breathe freely due to their psychological burdens. But all can change! It is, as I said, the matter of choice and decision!
Live for the future dear friends! Do the things each day, each present time, which will have a reflection in the future! People will remember that!
People always remember genuine people and genuine, original, human, humble ideas! Because consciousness can not be put aside by any artificial intelligence and curved people.
All of us, where ever we live and whatever we do and react if we have power, can not escape simple fantastic consciousness.
And if we use the mirror every day to communicate for 15 minutes with our consciousness ?!
Try it! Especially if you have to deal with the future of the people you represent! From any position!
We can change the present world by, just simply, changing us and sharpening our purpose of existence towards the universal human ideas of love and respect!
Enjoy the present by acting for the future!


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