Rhodes or Arodhes village

Arodhes today and Rhodes before is a double village. Pano Arodhes Christian and Kato Arodhes was Muslem.

The medieval name of the village was Rhodes, as it was the property of Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem whose headquarters were until 1522 in the today’s Greek Island of Rhodes. The Christian village contains the church of St. Keladion, an early Bishop of Paphos. You can see on the north side of the church the large stone sarcophagus of St. Agapiticos while the sarcophagus of the companion Saint Misticos is on the south. The legend is saying that those who wish to win the love of the specific person, man or woman, girl or boy, are going secretly at night taking a part of sarcophagus of St. Agapiticos. They make powder and introduce it to the drink of the loved ones who will immediately after they consume the drink reciprocate the donor’s passion.

As regards to St. Misticos the same procedure is carried if person desire to quarrel with another!


Believe it or not the second St. Misticos is used more than St. Agapiticos as young people are asking more to quarrel and change partners than St. Agapiticos for wining other person heart.

It is definately worthy visiting and spending time with people in the village! Great hospitality and beautiful, human life philosophy to Hera and exchange thoughts about the meaning of life we all have now.



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