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Before sharing some statements with you, let’s see together something! Let’s see how do we live today. What is our todays”way of life”. How is our daily life. That what we call life.

Let’s see if we are stressed, if we eat junk food and if we breath fresh air full of negative Ions. Or if we drink healthy water? Or if we are exposing ourselfs to the Sun as our pets do every day! What our pets know that we do not? You can reply to yourself and find out!

What is that vitamin D and how does it help our organism?

Just on 22/5/2020 there was a press release from French National Academy of Medicine about vitamin D and Covid-19.

Here are some quotes: ” Vitamin D is a prohormone synthesized in the dermis under the effect of ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT, i.e. SUNRAYS, and then transported to the liver and kidney, where it is TRASFORMED INTO ACTIVE HORMONE……

But vitamin D also has unconventional effects…. It modulates the functioning of THE IMMUNE SYSTEM…. plays role in regulating and suppressing the cytokine inflammatory response that causes the acute respiratory distress syndrome…. “

An extremely interesting observation is mentioned. Namely, Southern European Countries are showing “surprisingly high prevalence of vitamin D DEFICIENCY, despite higher level of sunlight”. Just to confirm that countries comprising South Europe between others are Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Nordic countries where vitamin D nutrient supplementation is systematic, particularly from milk products show less mortality rates as presented in Irish Medical Journal 2020 113 :58 by McCartney DM, Byrne DG, called “Optimisation of vitamin D status impact mortality from SARS-Cov-2 infection.”


Just to make it clear Nordic countries being between others Sweden, Norway, Finland.

To conclude French National Academy of Medicine states that

” Vitamin D cannot be considered as a preventive or a curative treatment for CoV-2 SARS infection. However, by mitigating the inflammatory storm and its consequences, it could be considered as an adjunct to any form of therapy.”

Here you can find the link:


Now, let me bring to your attention an absolutely amazing and real “Experiment to determine mode of spread of Influenza” by Milton J. Rosenau M. D. known as Rosenau experiment read before the joint meeting at Seventieth Annual Seasion of the American Medical Association, Atlantic City, N. J., June 1919! Yes June 1919!

Mr. Milton J. Rosenau presented his experiment where his team tried to infect 100 volunteers from US Navy who did not have influenza, “Spanish influenza”!

As preliminary trials proved NEGATIVE, Mr. Rosenau said that they became more bolder!

They tried and tried using some of most morbid ways like choosing 19 of the volunteers and giving them”very large quantity of a mixture of 13 different strains of the Pfeiffer bacillus, some of them obtained recently from the lungs at NECROPSY;others were subcultures of varying age, and each of the thirteen had, of course, a different history” They sprayed these organisms into the nose, eyes and throat and volunteers were breathing in all, WITHOUT ANYONE OF THEM TO GET Sick. And that is how it stayed till the end.

Common sense question would be WHAT THOSE VOLUNTEERS HAD IN THEIR BODIES THAT PREVENT THEM TO GET so called “Spanish influenza”?

Here is the link you can read it by yourself. From 1919!


Hope that you will investigate further and come to the conclusion when you start comparing the information you find with information you get every day from the news.

All are talking ABOUT cases here and cases there, without further explanation projecting fear instead common sense and humanity!

Could it be that viruses are somehow there to detoxify human organism? Rethorical question supported by the link below!


Happy investigation!



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