Something is rotten…

The word beyond in the title of eBook “Quarantine diaries and beyond” is slowly going back to its roots! Quarantine again! In another way, but quarantine again! That gives a chance to expand and share some thoughts! Quarantine is the opportunity to think! By your self! And investigate! Did you know that to print a 100 USD bill costs 15.4 cents?!
Did you know that for the 50 Euro bill, there is no printing cost published?!
In the late XVI and early XVII century, William Shakespeare explained us to us, the humans. Nothing crucial has changed except that technology’s rise made it possible to take a precious limited time from us. We were and are manipulated that technology will make our life easier, simple, and more profitable! Part of that is true! So, we all were thinking about how beneficial that can be!
But it was not! We lost the feeling of togetherness. We lost touch with the common good and replaced it with individual good! It was first ME and then all the others; instead, all the others with me included. The new “psychology” and “psychiatry” was invented and passed to us by sick people with numerous issues in their lives and accepted by educational programs worldwide. Just a common-sense question. Did those so-called “gurus” of psychoanalysis and psychiatry theories expressed themselves having in mind first their sick thoughts? As it was not enough, they started planting them to us by “science” and, of course, medicaments! Instead of making us sharpen our common sense and togetherness, we became lonely and depressive! Easy to control! Instead of going deeper down and further up, realizing what we are doing on this Earth, we were positioned in lukewarm water and cooked like a frog! Again that frog! But it is true! We like lukewarm water as it gives you a pleasant feeling. It makes us relaxed. It makes us enjoy the moment! In the meantime, all those making you think that the moment is the most crucial part of life were planning how to “cook” you. For them, the idea of “moment” was a great idea to subdue all of us without noticing it!
We were able to get loans, cheap loans, as money does not cost anything. As stated above, to print 100 USD costs 15.4 cents!
So the profit of those distributing it is beyond imagination. They used a hard working, clever individuals to advance their plans. Then, to protect the idea and to promote the power over all of us, they introduced regulations, more regulations, and even more laws. The entrepreneurship became more difficult and costs even more to implement, destroying the original meaning of money! That of medium of exchange!

They made the labyrinth where the simple fact of the cost of printing the currencies was placed in front of our noses( at least for USD). But did we bother to find out? NOOOOOO. We were swimming in a beautifully smooth, enjoyable lukewarm water. We had good work; money was not an issue with easy loans to get, and then it happens. They planed with introducing new words like “sustainability.
Please think about the root of the word! To sustain at the end is to confront humans against humans! It is to divide us! Those in favor of “sustain” might think that they will stay in the boat and will not be thrown out when this is concluded with the win of “sustainability” forces. Just look the ones that were in favor of the word “progress” some decades ago. Where are they now? Come on! Some common sense! We were and are played all the time! Constantly! And the plan started to be executed from 2008 onwards.. No turning back! Except in consciousness. The minority did not think that consciousness still exists! Surprise, surprise! The consciousness is expressed in their own families by common sense questions asked by their children and their children’s children. If they suppress their own families, then that is a huge issue! God help them, and us all!
Corruption and greed can be diminished only by self-consciousness and thoughts that all passes! This, happening now, will pass! What will stay are the practices of those making decisions for us all, as long as the system lasts. The people are begin to organize. Lawyers presenting the facts in the document called “Crimes against humanity.”

Those that are on the other side implementing the orders usurping our freedom can come back to the senses. Unfortunately, they will not be remembered as something worth remembering. They will be remembered as executioners of freedom of fellow human beings. There is no water in this world to clean them and their consciousness! Only themselves should stand and refuse the orders! Only they can show now if they are ready to lead or are just passers-by in the history of humankind!
Wake up!
Money is cheap! Consciousness is expensive!
Money is cheap! The soul is irreplaceable! Use Money as its first form! As a medium of exchange! Not as an asset but as a dept. Goods and services are assets!
As long as this system works, balance it, and you will be free!
Balance it, always having in the front seat the idea of COMMON GOOD!

All of us can do it, and you can do it!
Sometimes Rotten fruits have the most critical ingredients to advance the health and immune system! Fermentation! Antoine Béchamp!
To help you, below is the link you can find a book
“The Dream & Lie of Louis Pasteur (originally Pasteur, Plagiarist, Imposter 1942)” by R. B. Pearson in 1942!


Antoine is not well known as it was a genuine human being interested only in real science and the common good! Pasteur, on the contrary, was a marketer with a close relation to Napoleon! Dream and Lie is a great book to awake!
Those they rule today should inspect who the advisors really are!
People are awaking! Awake with them!

They can love again!

As Shakespeare said in Hamlet : “Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love”



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