Rabies of Blindness


This morning, with the usual coffee company, I wanted to get info about the news happening in the world. It was the first time after a long time that I did not know where to go and which site to use. Somehow the pattern of the sites I was reading, alternatives, and “trojan horse” once included became less objective, without good examples, without inspiration, and more one-sided. Like that, they all were programmed to follow only one pattern! That od deceiving! 

I needed refreshment as so much negativity is published on the mainstream sites in every corner of the globe! Negativity, fear, stupidity, projected to affect us to consume time in fighting fear instead of contributing something substantial to the wellbeing of us and around us! I humbly convey genuine respect to all who are fighting to remain human in their everyday dealings! It is not easy when the society of one-eyed follows the blind.

I visited one page to read an essay about current events when http://GAB.COM appeared in front of my eyes! I believe in coincidences as “orderly laws in the spiritual life of man” ( Norman Vincent Peale) and, at the same time, believe in the human ability to project energy, especially the positive one. It is evident to those aware that we live in times like other times. The only change is the energy. Without energy, there will be no need to advertise anything like smartphones, PCs, TVs, etc… There was a great but highly insidious mind who “baptized” mobile phones “smart!” Smartphone, projecting stupidity! Smartphone equals stupidity and smartness! That’s the coming advert! With smartphones, you can be three in one! Both, one of the above or nothing. “Nothing” looks good to me. Both “stupid” and “smart” have an ego in front! That “nothing” might have a pure love hidden without ego! 

Ask your self as Jean-Luc Nancy put it at Volksbuhne Berlin on 16/1/2018 in the discussion, “how democracy can be reclaimed by the people!” Apart from many exciting thoughts, Mr. Nancy asked us in the audience mentioning the famous Lenin quote that “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country”: ” What would happen if someone comes and switches off our electricity supply?” I remember that you could hear the silence in the auditorium! 

Be aware of those insidious minds inventing many, many, many more “frog” effect manipulations. Talk about it, and insidious becomes stripped, bare, arid, shorn, losing the ability to manipulate again! 

For the “frog” effect explanation, you can visit the end of the following article here:


Encourage yourself and your children to write on paper! Please encourage them to write nice letters! Kaligrafi is an excellent way to feel positive and fulfilled with your achievements! That is the beauty coming from deep down of you! That is the beauty that will inspire you! That is the way for your brain to get in touch with your soul! Concentrate, and “Think by yourself.” Exercise your right to be different! 

 It looks like that Voltaire has been right all the way when saying that “Common sense is not so common.” and that Thomas Paine was as well right when stating that” Time makes more converts than a reason.” 

One or two questions arise– How not comprehending the above quotes affects our lifetime clock? And is it essential to comprehend at all?

It is like the quote from my eBook ” Quarantine diaries and beyond” -“To conform or to confront?” You decide.


Mock downs and then lockdowns. From mock up-downs at a mountain resort to real disasters. This group of minds thinks that manipulating people can go on and on. They believe that going to a mountain resort, seeing each other, and preparing disasters to subdue people is their purpose of existence. That is history repeating its self! Uniforms are different, but the idea of having slaves and usurp and suppress freedom is the same. Propaganda improved with a half-truth bombardment to pure lies repeated so often that no one is questioning the basics! That is the target! To not examine the basics! To not think by yourself! And what is the new basic? 

Accept the test results and continuously manipulate information around it, without even considering to explain the METHODOLOGY! 

Not to question if the RT-PCR test reveals any virus, but only parts, specific gene sequences of the same! 

Not to use common sense to question what is Ct! “Ct” meaning Cycle Time or Cycle Threshold, and why is this crucial for the Rt-Pcr test results! 

How did we contribute to that? Did we become so much of conformists? If some trouble or misfortune takes a neighbor or someone we know, instead to help or at least to show compassion, the majority of us walk away thinking – it is not affecting me, so it is not my business. At the end, when it happens to you, will anyone be there to give you a hand of help? How comes that we gave space to corrupt people to decide about us? What has gone wrong in the last 2500 years? 

On the one hand, humanity inventing tremendously important vehicles to make our life easier and more productive. Simultaneously, on the other hand, some of the most insidious minds manage to corrupt and use the decision-makers to grab all the positive inventions usurping it for their benefit only! Words stayed, but behind the scenes, they became a matter for irony and twist! Is this how we got blind?

Did you hear about Jose Saramago? His book Blindness? 

Are we blind? Did we become blind? How? Is this blindness, as Saramago said, “a private matter between a person and the eyes with which he or she was born?” If it is private, then it is up to us to cure it! No one can impose blindness on us! They try! They can try hard underhandedly. But, we all have the necessary power of self to fight it and win it! We are only one decision away to cure ourselves. How? 

Everything is out there. You just need to start looking and filter the findings! No one from the media will look for you! They look for them and their interests. You begin looking FOR YOU AND COMMON INTERESTS. All the answers are there! No matter how strict their internet control will be. They will disappear as soon as we, the majority, wake up! Or they will accept the change and free themselves also! 

In his book, Rabies, Borislav Pekic takes us through the labyrinth of human existence, giving many inspirational sentences activating our common sense! Let me share some of them! To inform you that as Saramago Blindness is happening in the unnamed city, Pekic Rabies is happening at Heathrow airport, which is quarantined due to the Rabies virus. It is a thriller as the last 11 months are a thriller for all of us! 

“One does not fight with the dug in the wrong place, but with the fools who dug it. He simply fills the hole.” 

When we get cured of the madness and awake from manipulation, we will see clearly! Just as in Saramago’s book, the blindness will go away suddenly as it appeared. 

In the meantime, even one-eyed, we should not stop trying to awake people who know as Confucius wisely said: “Who knows, but do not know that knows, WAKE HIM UP!”



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