Saltness of Tears

Uncertainty! Fear! Thoughts about the future. Loneliness, even with the people around you.
“Lancelot, shall we go for a coffee?” friend of mine asked me. It was the first time after a month of our friendship that she wanted to meet. Yes! My answer was instant as her company inspires me to share thoughts and wait for her to open her beautiful personality. That is my instinct in motion! Every time we meet someone, there is a so-called “first impression.”
Many of my friends talk about that “TSAK BAM” feeling at first sight!
Many times it is true as with few, it is a disappointment.
The point even with”Tsak Bam” feeling is to let it be digested for a while!
We interpret the word”while” in different ways. For some, it is a second; for someone else, it can go to three months or fifteen years, as for others, it can be an entire life!
“While” is not a precise word as our feelings are not precise also! They fly with us in complete uncertainty! Till they become certain! Or just disappear until they revisit our soul and heart, making it vibrate and tremble again.
I went for a coffee with the company of the above thoughts.
But instead of coffee, we had a tea session! We got drunk with double tea and sweetened with homemade orange pie served with two cups of vanilla ice cream!
And here it goes!
Getting drunk drinking tea is not an ordinary matter. It also requires inspiration! And inspiration is not in words but in the expression! Especially eye expression!
While without noticing we were getting drunk, our inspiration expressed with our eyes rose to the level where we open more of our deep feelings and thoughts!
This epidemic situation is definitely affecting us all. Even that we learn to be alone and like it, when you are constantly bombarded about social distance, fear about your life, and many of the real manipulations not comprehendible to common sensed nous, one starts to lose faith in the goodness of life and us as human species.
She asked me how I passed my recent birthday, being surprised by the number of people wishing me “Happy Birthday,” and asked me if it was difficult to reply to each person personally.
As I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the birthday wishes, I shared a few with my dear friend.
It was very emotional to me again, and my voice started trembling.
When your friends call you a “true gift with humor and wisdom” or, instead of many years of a happy life, wish you to write 100 books, you get very emotional and genuinely delighted that you are doing something right in your everyday life.
I expand these statements towards my friend, asking her how does she feel these days.
“Not good,” she said. “Troubled, ” in a sense that I can not see the light in this tunnel called life! Brief it is; nevertheless, it bothers me; she continued! Well, I told her, do not forget how unique you are! Remember that your soul is clean; your heart is genuine! However that darkness looks high now, recall one, just one sentence of Mihai Eminescu poem “Gloss”: “Waves that rise can never hold.”
As she is not Romanian and does not know about Eminescu, I told her how that MAN wanted to exchange his immortality just for one kiss!
While saying so, I noticed tears in her eyes. She said: “You moved my feelings.”
I took her fingers she used to clean her eyes and felt the liquid! Salt!
I remembered!
” Change is the salt in the soup of life!” (Gyles Brandreth)!
We laugh! Then we said, “Let’s get dizzy with another tea!”
Our tea meeting lasted nearly till the deadline of 23.00 when we all need to be at home!
Before going, I announce to her that my next book’s title will be “Saltness of Tears” and promise to award her with some royalties! Negotiations are still on the way!
In the meantime, with the first chapter above, the “Saltness of Tears” is copyrighted!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

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