The damned=excluded


This is a part from the story to be published in the next two weeks in the eBook: “Quarantine diaries and beyond.”


In 1919 “Book of Damned,” Charles Fort shared his thoughts with us long before the “deplorables” expression. He explained that the word “damned” he used means excluded! Continuing further, saying that “By the excluded, I mean that which will someday be the excluding.”
By seeking the Truth, Charles said, that eventually, we will become the Truth!
That is the story about how the conceptual power made the system run.
They make stereotypes, repeat them, and make them never to be questioned. Who questions them gets an etiquette of “Conspiracy Theorist” immediately.
Conspiracy theorist etiquette will be used as long as conspiracy becomes practice! It is evident with the so-called ” Great Reset.”
Manipulation went on so deep that our fellow sleepwalking, manipulated human beings are talking about new industrial or whatever revolution.
They think, as our Charles Fort said, “All would be well. All would be heavenly- If the damned would only stay damned.”
Well, that, somehow, is not happening as excluded might start excluding.
Maybe someone is feeding the people to slowly awake and start being aware of conceptual power using legislative, judicial, and executive power only as tools, accessories for their advance.
Conceptual power?
What is that?
As one Chinese expert explained, they are the medium-level bureaucrats who promote their agenda for their profit in every establishment. John Kenneth Galbraith observed different advisors to presidents where they presented opinions and sold them to the Presidents. Then they looked so proud and satisfied when the President was explaining and propagating their ideas as his own!
It is that Mr. Galbraith, who famously said that ” Under capitalism, man exploits man; while under socialism just the reverse is true.” That is because conceptual power thought about everything!
One could say that Conceptual Power or CP is the highest level of governing of societies.
One great professor, I will not mention the name of mentioned six tools available to CP to control states and population:
World view
Historical- control of history
Economical ( IMF, World Bank, BIS etc…)
Genetic Weapon
Weapons of War

Just use your brain and think!

CP plays with Truths as with Lies by planting Lies and making us fight between ourselves if Lie 1 or Lie 2 is the Truth!
Those from inside, the so-called esoteric elite( those are not excluded), know the Truth.
So whenever you find terms like “World Government” “World Conspiracy,” it is absolutely of no importance! It is there to mislead all that are awaking!
That is why Bob Dylan said, “Stay Observant.”
Pay attention to details!
And remember always!
“Little things are not critical; they decide everything!”


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