Live life instead of life living you!
“In the age of criticism, on the other hand, ideals are degraded. Reverence, awe, adoration, and wonder are replaced by other feelings-they are pushed more and more into the background. As a result, everyday life offers very few opportunities for their development. Anyone seeking higher knowledge must create these feelings inwardly, instilling them in the soul. This can not be done by studying. It can be done by living.” This is Rudolf Steiner in just 1904. From then on till today all is the same. Just in the meantime, we got”smart” phones and even more conformism. Instead, to live life, life lives us(quote by me). There is no real science, just metamorphosis for profit and gain. Those that give founds want a return! Greed is overwhelming. Free energy made by vibration and tubes converting the energy into the mechanical is not interesting, as it can not be counted. The car without electricity or fuel?
No way! Too cheap. The same goes with medicine as copyright expires after some years, while the vaccine copyright is forever. Isn’t it? Way out? Yes. As I said above! Live life! Instead of life to live you!
So, how do we live life?
First, start seeing yourself as you will view outsider, alien, guest, newcomer…
Judge your self!
Create moments of peace. Observe yourself. Separate nonessential from essential!
“Sorrow and joy, every thought, every decision will look different when we stand over against ourselves in this way”(Rudolph Steiner).
Do not try to usurp other people’s freedom of choice. All of us need to come to the point by ourselves!
People are good! They are always good! No need to enforce anything!
Instead, INSPIRE!
We had some interesting talk about discipline and how to manage the students to like the violin and proceed with lessons. How strict teachers should be in their expectations?
One thought was to instill more discipline and responsibility, and the other was that it doesn’t matter and let it make fun for the students instead.
Well, no one said what is the aim! The aim is not to make all to become Enescu! The purpose should be something else! And then we could have more Yehudi Menuhin.
There is an authentic story that occurred in XVIII century Germany. In one class, the youngsters were very audacious. Talking a lot between themselves, no discipline, no concentration in the particular mathematics lesson. So professor thought of a way to make children more focused and quiet. Namely, he came into the classroom, announcing that today’s class will focus on finding the sum of the numbers from 1 to 100. Means 1+2+3+4+….98+99+100=?
As the kids got silent, he was so happy that he even read the newspaper. After some short time, let’s say 6 minutes, one of the pupils raised his hand and said, “Professor, I found it!”
So poor professor could not believe that so fast someone could find it as he did not know the answer. So he said, “Carl, what and how did you find the result?” Well, Carl Friedrich Gauss said that the result is 5050: And he explained: “I have done the following-
1+100= 101/ 2+99=101/ 3+98=101…. So I formed couples 50 couples x 101 =5050.”
After that, they saw how the interest in mathematics lessons grew. Pupils were concentrated with no one to impose anything on them. .
There are so many music stories too.
One quote of, they say, Chopin
letter toward Countess Delfina Potocka:
“Bach is like an astronomer who is finding the most beautiful stars using numbers. Beethoven takes the whole universe with the strength of his spirit. I do not climb so high. I have decided long ago that my universe will be the human soul and heart!”
If you inspire, the discipline will come by itself!
Not to forget that in the process, be kind, humble, and human!
Find God within, and you will find it after in your surroundings.



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