Winter at sea

3/1/2021 Winter at sea!
Second of January 2021, which reflects the “Yesterday” song of Beatles I had the first swim! It looked that “all troubles seem so far away!” It happened without a program, but with the secret wish, plan that just by seeing the sea, some inner power will “force” me to put on my swimming shorts and go inside, carefully but with determination to swim! And it happened! Cold sea and warm heart! Beautiful connection I wanted to continue! Inspirational and thoughtful.
These moments make you think that for life to be filed with value, it is worth fighting for ideals of togetherness and humanity. Not to conquer anything but to awake as many people as possible. First to be yourself!
Another thought came after one dear friend commented on my pictures while swimming. She wrote one word, “freedom!”
Freedom! Freedom! One word representing many feelings and as many explanations! Feeling freedom inspires you to clear thoughts, and in my case to write, to accumulate, overwhelmed and beautiful, clean, human awareness, and store it inside the soul like our grandmothers and mothers were conserving food for winter. Then time might come to use part or all of it! Till next “conservation” happens!
I also questioned myself if the inner loneliness makes the men wholly independent and thus cause us to feel real freedom! If yes, freedom can be painful sometimes. Occasionally we do not know what to do with freedom! And without being prepared to grasp the freedom, man could have some serious issues.

I was reading one of the best books about Richard Sorge, the man who was the most significant spy of our time, saving Moscow from the German advance. Namely, he informed Soviets that Japan would not attack the Soviet Union! Cases like that are never closed as this crucial information enabled the Soviet army to transfer a vast Siberian Army from the Far East to Moscow and make a counteroffensive, drawing Germans some 250 kilometers from Soviet Capital. That was the beginning of the end of the German offensive against the Soviet Union. To confirm that the cases like Sorge and his group are never to be closed note that at the end of May 2019, Mr. Sergey Kuzhugetovich Shoygu, Defence Minister of Russian Federation visited Ruchard Sorge’s grave in Tokio paying tribute to that extraordinary men who’s grandfather, Friedrich A.Sorge was personal friend of Marx and Engels and the secretary of International Working Men’s Association in the United States in the second half of the 1800s.

Sorge and his group were not spies. They collected intelligence in order to minimize and prevent the war between Japan and then Soviet Union. Unfortunately as a result of Teheran conference in 1943 and Yalta conference in February 1945 Soviet union went into war with Japan in the August same year.

Even so-called feminist but more than that, independent, passionate woman Agnes Smedley, who was against the marriages, said: ” I did not count how many people went through my life. Only one thing brought tears to my eyes. In Shanghai, one night, behind the wheel. We almost both died!” The man in the car was Richard Sorge and he informed Agnes that he is leaving China. In this world, we all have at least one right person to share our life with. No matter if you are feminist or against marriage. And the “miracle” will appear at least once! Mystery is how, but it is true! Ours is to recognize it!

This great man and amazing character Richard Sorge reminded me of Nikola Tesla!
Talented and great inventors in their fields of work, they have one thing in common!
Both were doing hard manual work. Nikola Tesla was digging canals in New York while Richard Sorge was a miner in Aachen! Is it possible that all this conformity made us emotionally distracted and unable to feel real freedom? That inner freedom! No matter what is going on around us, real freedom is inside of us! Having recognized that, we get prepared to achieve valuable, unique things for ourselves and humanity as a whole!

Do not question your abilities and chose the path worthy living for.

As another great character, Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski said: “There are no small parts, there are only small actors!”

Message for 2021 is – Do not be a small actor at the play of YOUR LIFE!

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