Awaking of the Soul

Human communication is reduced to one word – distrust. Distrust entered our souls. As so little is known about the soul, suspicion has taken the throne of the soul’s ruler. How is this practically recognized? In communication, people ask questions for which they have a ready answer based on personal experience, whether bad or good. If the person answering the question has a different reply, that person immediately becomes suspicious of the person asking the question. Why do we ask questions to which we have a ready answer?
The price we pay for that is our more significant closure and the victory of manipulation. The cost of closing our soul is the lack of concentration and the inability to monitor communication. This is practically reflected in the appearance of yawning and the absence of focus. This is how manipulation and fear, and mistrust are maintained in the soul, brain.
Thus the soul, the most crucial thing in us, wanders around and has no space to settle in our body. Instead of the soul, that space is occupied with mistrust and fear, resulting from many years of manipulation. It preoccupies all human relationships like marriage, family and work relationships, etc …
How to cope with it?
Believe it or not, everything is made up and interwoven in the conceptual power concept! And that concept has been applied for many, many years. How? Instead of original people and great humanists and scientists being promoted to the masses, like Antony Béchamp, there are people of dubious morals and copyists who then serve investors to make money and get power (like Pasteur). People of moral are ignored while immoral are promoted as it is easy to control them.

Or the emergence and marketing of one Sigmund Freud or Carl Jung. Do they need to explain to us the phenomena they had themselves? Of course not. The only way to listen and read them is not to observe and feel free by your self. They introduce terms to make you again afraid of your own common sense and not to recognize our innate abilities! Even those abilities are being attacked from primary school onwards! But there are always exceptions! We all can become EXCEPTIONS!
Have you ever wondered why they promote them and brainwash us with their theories? Are there people in this world who promote pure human love and understanding? Like that sex is a product of love and not of intention. Yes! Who are they? Simple! All of us free of manipulation! Think about it.

They tried to degrade family values and promote unchartered freedom. For freedom you can go to my previous essay

Psychology and psychiatry have one word in common: psyche or soul. And none of them give you a picture of what that soul is! How it enters and exits the body after our death, what it represents, and what it has to do with the heart and feelings. Feelings of love in any form! Both Psychology and Psychiatry are part of a concept made with one goal in mind. To cause confusion. This disturbance is then managed as a repeater, switching to fear of manipulating our body and brain, all with the goal of attacking the soul. The soul is assailed by empty definitions. What do we need definitions for?!? Well, because it is nicely fenced and there is no space left to further develop it. The author of the book “Picture of Dorian Gray,” Oscar Wilde, nicely said, “to define is to limit.” Then what do we do? How do we proceed?
“The beautiful word opens the iron door,” one proverb says. Maybe our situation because of what is happening is such that a lovely word cannot open that door! But it can definitely ajar that door! So little to open them up to help us start clearing our brains and take an interest in the truth.
It takes some time. Afterward, my dear friends, you will first recognize that you will be proud of your past because, without it, there would be no you. The past is yours! Instead of throwing it away, look it in the eye. How beautiful that feeling is, whatever your history is. It frees!
Also, become friends with your pain. We all have some pain. You will understand that it is easy to love and appreciate and have trust.
One only needs to cross the rubicon of ambiguities and thus clear the manipulated mind. So put a smile on your face and start exploring the world by thinking with your head. And everything will fall into place. Fear will be gone with the wind and the soul will be the first to park in the right area of your body.
You will know this when it is cold outside, and you are warm inside.
Just like me swimming in the cold sea two days ago, for the first time this year!



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