Manipulation of Lomechusoides strumos

Nature has it all! By studying the species and their relations, behavior, manipulations, and organization of their lives, we can learn more about us!
We can observe that by some magic stick, the system is made, built in the way that we get inoculated with the increasing needs, and through these needs, we are programmed to work longer and more while the parasites are having a party by selling us precisely those needs. Thus, the “golden” parasites obtain two crucial things; Control and Wealth. Not to forget to say that even those governing us have needs inoculated to them as they are to us. Just that they are blind from their pseudo power, and that is why we need them to awake also!
Question What is enough and how to implement that “enough” arise!
In the photo by M.E.Smirnov courtesy of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, you can see the back of Lomechusoides that are very similar to ants. They penetrate ants colony and, through golden hair on their back, secrete juice, making ants lose their sanity.
In continuation, Lomechusoides plant their eggs gradually causing the extinction of ants colony progeny!
Not all that glitters is gold says one proverb.
And we see much glamour in as many advertising campaigns made to increase our wants. What is enough?
As someone said, advertising is arresting the human mind long enough to get the money from it. And by the value of the society we live in, to obtain the money you need to work and work and work and work!
And as you work, some others, by voting the laws, are making, as alchemists, charcoal to become gold.
As Sergey Kara-Murza said in his excellent book “Manipulation of Consciousness,”
manipulation is not violence but temptation!
It is crucial to learn how to restrain temptations! Especially for those that occupy neuralgic positions in each society! It is never late to comprehend and start practicing that profits are not private and losses are public!
It is never late to regain common sense and fight all the juices coming from manipulative sources!
Instead of so-called spin doctors promoting divide and rule philosophy between left or right and at the same time protecting corruption coming from temptation, we all should encourage togetherness as we all are just passing by this tiny planet earth!
We will not be remembered by the amount of money we had, but by the deeds we left behind us, by the sacrifices we made for the common good!

When you struggle for something, you do not have opponents but followers! Opponents will be against you, and you will battle for something! We should not fight against anything but for something!
Instead of water canons and violence towards your neighbors, wake up and reject the juices of Lomechusoides firmly!
Protect your soul and save the anger.
And again! Be HUMAN!


Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

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