Common Sense, again

There are people you listen to who remind, inspire, and awake you.
Remind about the pamphlet published 10/1/1776 called Common Sense of Thomas Paine, inspiring by talking about family values, patriotism, and common sense(again), sending messages between the lines to awaken you.

Nothing to do with politics but with values and awareness.
The awareness that things can change with hard work, honesty, love for the place you live and the whole world!
Who would disagree that we lost family values in the last 30 years? That human feeling as love, compassion, togetherness, patriotism, loyalty, honesty was degraded by constant manipulation, increasing temptation to raise our material needs and losing our spiritual part. We lost balance!
Mainstream news is obsessed with bombarding us with so much information without substance as they are just interested in ratings; thus, they judge everything. Instead, if you want to judge someone, the message would be to have in mind that person’s entire life!
I wrote about mixing Nationalism and Chauvinism. Again, by manipulating the words and constant use, in the negative meaning, of the term nationalism, many young people are indoctrinated to lose the sense of love for their living place! That is by no means making favorite any nation, but it shows the love and dedication for the country, the place you live in!
Nationalism is when you love your country and people you share your everyday life with and do not hate any other nation or people or country!
Nationalism is when you understand that to be human is to protect others from yourself and still love your country and all its people. That projects universal love for the Earth and all its inhabitants!
Chauvinism is when you hate other people and their place of living, their country!
It is vital to comprehend that nationalism is by no means an inviolable principle. It can be corrupted as everything can be! But we should all have in mind that this is simply a part of the strategy to demoralize one nation standing in the way of those who think that manipulation is their way of life and that they are always right no matter what! They lure us but in wain as we just can not lose our identity! But they are always welcome to join!
We came from somewhere, and we live somewhere. The place we live in is our country, and if we want the country to prosper, we need to decide if we’re going to live life for ourselves only or live the life for the common good!
So to use one of the beautifully said quotes from the interview I watched recently, in the context that came to my mind is that if you want to be a leader, you should focus on making your country and your people strong and safe, practicing togetherness and compassion, instead to focus on which bathroom to choose. Common sense, isn’t it?
There is always a way! To start with, cherish family and love your country!
Then continue and do not fight against anything but fight for something, let’s say family values recycled!
For those that do not know what enough is and acting as pseudo philanthropists, remember that only what counts is what stays behind us!
Learn every single moment! Learning is inspiring! Respect all! Connect with all!
Another phrase I heard and learned from the above inspirational interview is:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” This phrase responds to the verbal bullying in school playgrounds in the English speaking world, sending the message that true courage consists of doing what is right, despite our companions’ ridicule and sneers.
When there is love and faith, all can be done for the common goodness!
And be actively patient as Thomas Paine said that ” Time makes more converts than the reason.”

And learn and practice to PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOUR SELF.

Connect and Respect

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