Conspiracy Practitioners

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We all heard about so-called “Conspiracy Theorists.”
An exciting invention is this etiquette ready to be glued to any who are not following system rules. Conspiracy is theory as long as it does not become practice.
Could it be that the term has been invented by, let’s start calling them, the “Conspiracy Practitioners.”
“Conspiracy Practitioners” could have found out that the best way to hide something is to place it in open view. Thus for extra security, the term “Conspiracy Theorist” might be created. Easy to use, consolidated in the minds of people educated by the parts of the system seeking ultimate control.
The term “Conspiracy Practitioners” is used here for the first time ever, as long as we know.
Between “Conspiracy Practitioners” and “Conspiracy Theorists,” there is a gap filled with masses. We, the people, are trying to connect and understand the events, mostly in vain. Our education system taught us to look for the reasons and facts without being warned that many facts are kneaded in different bakeries and as many just mysteriously disappear. Then the rule is set to make unworthy any common sense thoughts. Money funding makes the world go round.
To overcome this difficulty set upon us, instead of always looking for a reason, we should sharpen and learn to use our intuition given to us by nature. Then, you will see that it will be much easier to penetrate the depths of manipulation.

Magnificent Serbian writer, journalist, and politician Slobodan Jovanovic acknowledged, “That a man has, in his mind, an infallible guide, but on condition that he is previously freed from all superstitions and prejudices.”
To protect themselves, “Conspiracy Practitioners” use beautiful and skillful language and deceiving terms. When the thieves want to secure themselves, they create restrictive rules. Subtle and always stating humanity and protection of it at the beginning. It is as talk over whiskey and cigar to give time for adjustment to as many as possible.
It just came to my attention that one of the epidemiologists in the country member of the European Union suggested that the protesters protest online! Orwell could not suggest that when he wrote “1984,” and this statement is an excellent contribution to the nouveau Orwell file!

It all started prior to Great War continuing till today.

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Darko Richard Lancelot



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