Conversations with Italian friend, Longines Passion, Drina and Venezia Giulia

Following a conversation with my Italian friend, now part of the “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” eBook, which you can preorder here today we had another exciting exchange of views and news!

After concluding that our politicians are optimistic but are acting pessimistic we started exchanging information’s. 

First and not widely reported in the international news was the information about “The scam of Chinese masks sold to Italy as Ffp2,” published on February 21st, 2021, by stating that the “tests showed that the Ffp2 masks purchased from Italy in China filter only 36% and not 95% required by law.”

Further reported on February 25th, 2021, that the first arrests “coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutors Office” were made “as a part of an investigation of the assignment for a total value of 1.25 billion euros for the purchase of masks during Covid emergency.”

The justice is slow but achievable. In this case, it was not so slow! 

At least it is public, and people can inform themselves about it. 

As we were exchanging valuable information, it was my turn to let him know that the Ministry of Health Directive instructs people to make Corona Rapid Test every week in Cyprus. “Every week?!” he asked to reconfirm it with great surprise. It is how it is, and it will be making history. However, history is already achieved with the statement of one of the epidemiologists in the EU country that instead for the people to protest on the roads, to start protesting online! 

“It is a beautiful thing, the destruction of words,” said George Orwell, but all of them count that as Steven Wright said, “everyone has a photographic memory, some just don’t have film.” I hope we all get a lot of stock of film! 

My dear Italian friend who lives in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region bordering Austria, Slovenia, and the Adriatic sea with capital Trieste, as a true patriot, loves his country’s people his true friends. He mentions that his descendant had a nickname, “Drina.” For those who do not know, the Drina is the river bordering today’s Serbia and Republika Srpska, a part of the Bosnian Federation. He is also a passionate collector of Longine watches, and below I will quote extracts from his beautiful article from some five years ago about “Serbian” Longine watches!  

The article title is 

“Longines Passion”

“A Longines Special Prize Watch: The Serbian”

  1. “The Serbian Military Academy

The army and the Serbians are closely connected. Their first military formation was dated 1500 years ago. Vlastimir of Serbia formed the first medieval state in Raska in the 7th Century, and from that time, it evolved into Serbian Empire. A long history and a very long tradition in the army development. Many wars passed, always with the deep involvement of the Serbian people. We can say that Serbian history is deeply connected with the army as every single battle is a milestone.”

He continues with Serbian Military Academy’s establishment in Belgrade( 1830 as Artillery school) and the short but knowledgeable Serbia history, emphasizing his passion for the Longines watches.

However, he mentioned the Serbian army and people contribution to wining of the WWI with special mention of Drina river!

” The Serbian Army distinguished itself in the battles at (mountain) Cer and at the Drina river in 1914, scoring victories against the Austro-Hungarian forces. In 1915 the Serbian army with the aged HM King Peter I and the Crown Prince Aleksandar suffered many losses being attacked from all directions by the alliance of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Bulgaria. It withdrew through the gorges of Montenegro and northern Albania to the Greek island of Corfu, where it was possible to reorganize the troups. After the army was regrouped and reinforced, it was possible to achieve a decisive victory on the Macedonia front at Kaimakcalan. The Serbian army carried out a major part in the final Allied breakthrough in the autumn of 1918…”

Here you can see a photo of the back of the Longine watch given to the new Lieutenants finishing 62nd Class of Military Academy in Belgrade with all outstanding explanations!

The original article you can find it here

It will be worthwhile reading it all!

We continued with exchanging thoughts about the 1900 “Tale of the Anti-Christ,” of Vladimir Soloviev.

The tale is about establishing the “United States of Europe” under the command of the “Coming Man” by the idea of “the principal directors of European policy, who belonged to the powerful brotherhood of Freemasons…”, and Uniting all Churches under the supreme rule of Him the Emperor. The tale finishes incomplete after the Catholic Pope and Orthodox leader Elder John raised from the death, after being eliminated by the ,after elected, supreme cleric of all Christianity Pope Apollonius who was an intimate of the Emperor.

It is a valuable tale.

However we concluded that the EU as we know it, is in great difficulties due to the Brexit and huge bureaucracy, unable to move quickly and effectively to address first and foremost the vaccine supply and then all the other issues facing Europe. It looks like that EU needs lifting and fast!

It looks like also that, whenever humanity wants to proceed with universal values someone stuck the wheels and the vehicle instead to continue forward goes backward.

It is obvious who those are! We call them “Conspiracy Practitioners.”

To be continued…


Darko Richard Lancelot


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