Our Children, Us and the System


“But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart!” ( Little Prince)
When the system is made so that the education it provides is strictly narrow and, as they say, specialized, and at the same time dry, with many unnecessary pieces of information, nothing good can be expected from the people who are victims of it. Of course, there is no question of any guilt on the part of these people. But those who design programs have intentions. Investigate who those are and when and under which influence and financial help educational boards were formed. Where do these people come from? Who are they? It will help you understand and immerse yourself even more profound in what is kept under the table. Maybe you will discover that “Conspiracy Practitioners” are funded to influence youngsters to learn what they want, sweetening their desires and playing with their ambitions.
What are we to do?
The most important thing is to spend more time, the productive, essential one with your children. To give your unconditional love!
I remember that every Sunday, my whole family, four of us, used to read a bunch of newspapers and magazines. It did not stop at reading, but it went further in discussing the topics read. It was the first time I heard the expression from my father “learn to read between the lines.” This was the beginning of learning the value of words!

As Yunus Emre said:

” A single word can brighten the face

of one who knows the value of words.”

Then books! Make by your example your children to become book lovers!
Embolden, inspire your children to keep diaries!
Create games by yourself, or remind yourself of the games your parents played with you and play with your children.

Here are some examples.
When I was little, and during our rides to the sea, we played the game word for word instead of listening to the radio and music. We spoke the first letter of the name from the items that were with us in the car. Let’s say “W” as a steering wheel. Whoever won the round, discovering the right word, had the right to introduce his word. It helps your children by having fun to train the brain also.
When we got bored of it, we played Geography. We also played geography at home. The children would look at a map of the world, of the Earth which, as the Little Prince said, has (still) a “good reputation.”
And we would learn the names of the capitals of different countries. We would understand to distinguish Slovenia from Serbia and Slovakia.
To have a sense of where we live and who is around us. Although we studied Geography, we were not geographers but explorers. Explorers are having curiosity and inspiration as geographers are “just sitting in the office.” (Little Prince). To enrich the “game” and calibrate your imagination, you could take a blank piece of paper and start drawing. Let’s say draw France and ask your children which countries are bordering France from each side. Then you could cross the sea and ocean asking them to guess, to find out, which countries are positioned in which place.
Or entrust the arrangement of their rooms only to them. Work habits are acquired, not by force but by play. How to inspire them? Here is one idea I used.
Tell them that after tidying up the room, you will play one game. Namely, enter the room, close the door, and change positions to 5 items. Then go out and tell your child to come in and find out which items you moved from their original place. Repeat this a few times to get the kids trained, sharpening their ability to observe. Observation helps very much after when they start reading and learning to read between the lines. By exercising that, your children are naturally more protected from manipulation. Observation! Let them count the stars! Encourage them! Let them imagine looking at the firmament, heaven.

Also, do not forget to let them make mistakes! No need to remind them directly. Play with them and always leave the space and let them understand by themselves. They will come to you with confirmation of their mistakes! Hug them with love!

Once in three months, propose to the children to write down their goals for the next three months.
Let them put that paper in an envelope to open it themselves after those three months pass. Of course, don’t insist on telling you if they are not ready. That time will come if you leave them space. And don’t judge them! They have and will have so many people judging them in the school system.
Along with balanced and targeted use of the Internet, encourage your children to write “old fashion” letters!
They can write to their relatives in another country or another city.
Letters take time to be delivered. That is important for feelings expressed to be digested.
They will establish a habit of writing, organizing, and sending letters through the post office. As they will need stamps, maybe collecting them will become their hobby!

Many generations have been lost because life has forced them, taught them, to live fast. The whole culture is created on fast living when everyone says, “I don’t have time!”
Slow down the life! Make priorities and train your self to be able to help your children!
Eat smaller pieces and allow time for your feelings to subside.
Reduce your heart rate.
You will have a healthier and longer life.
Both better and prettier.
And your brain will work more precisely, and your heart and soul will find their natural place in your body.
If you haven’t dreamed, you will start!
If you dreamed, your dreams would increase.
And don’t forget that love is the goal and not the means.
When you talk to your children and young people, don’t forget that you were children too!

BREATHE and let others BREATHE!

As Epictetus taught us:

” The soul is like the bowl of water, with the soul’s impressions like the rays of light that strike the water. Now , if the water is disturbed, the light appears to be disturbed together with it-though of course it is not. So when someone loses consciousness, it is not the persons knowledge and virtues impaired, it is the breath that contains them. Once the breath returns to normal, knowledge and the virtues are restored to the normal also.”


Darko Richard Lancelot


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