Smile with Sunday thoughts

I will not sing ode about Sundays on Sundays.
Maybe some other day, when we miss Sunday.
Today was a good day. Walking ten kilometers in the woods under the sun’s watchful guidance and exchanging thoughts with fellow mountaineers made us refresh our minds and restore so-needed common sense. It looks like that with the group talk, common sense is restored, and on the contrary, being alone and closed at home, common sense becomes a significant victim.
It became so obvious when we talked about vaccines and vaccination. Pros and cons were submitted, and, I must say, that those for vaccination, mask-wearing, lockdowns were following a narrative from the mainstream news without questioning. Those against, and in favor of strict freedom of choice rule, which was recognized and accepted by the Nuremberg Doctor Trials verdict, were better informed and presented their case, stating, at least it looked like that, reputable scientists opinions and concerns about the whole situation we are facing for over one year.
As the conversation developed with great respect to the different opinions, we all understood that the official narrative has many holes.
We saw how beautiful the human mind becomes when is openly discussing complex issues.
It reminded me of the philosophyofgoodnews credo “Connect and Respect.”
We all concluded that discussing things in person helps fight manipulation and the semination of fear, realizing that Great Barrington Declaration was not promoted by mainstream media at all!
I gave the link in my last article, and philosophyofgoodnews wrote about it in November last year, and I will give it again with the hope that more people will read it. Just read it. Reading is not pressuring!

As a dido, we were saying that if you can touch your right ear with your right hand and touch your nose with your left-hand forefinger, there is a huge possibility that you have antibodies protecting you against the virus.
As we were serious, our dear friends believed us for the moment.
It is true what Mark Twain said that “It’s Easier To Fool People Than To Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.”
Many of today’s events will be explained in the coming future, and as many of our fellow human beings will be disappointed that they were trapped and lost precious time on fear instead of living life!
In my book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” back cover page with the title AAA= AWAKE-AWARE-ADVANCE you can read: ” When you hear onde bad, fear-based news, immediately think of and express three positive, human thoughts! Then say it LOUD! It helps! Or come here under the rainbow of this book…”
So, let’s start thinking positively and be patient until love arrives!
Let us smile! Wholeheartedly!
“A Russian writer said that one should beware of a man whose face is ugly from a smile. Rusty people can’t laugh, and laugher makes a face more human and more beautiful because it becomes brighter.”
From Jovan Ducic “First letter from Switzerland” 1906.
Well, what I can say that we all smiled wholeheartedly after teasing about the ear and nose. Smile is also a medicine against manipulation and a companion of common sense!
The day, the Sunday, would not be finished without another occurrence. This time it was an announcement about a coming meeting at the local speech club. While announcing her attendance and possible speech, a dear friend lady asked the question: “We are still not allowed to meet up, right?”
She did not get the answer from anyone except me writing the following words: ” We might be allowed to meet up if we have triple vaccination, seven rapid tests, and nine PCRs. Plus tiple masks. And then still you will be measured the body temperature on arrival. When you speak, you will not be facing the public, but you will talk to the wall. Of course, it is not like that! We have amazing common-sense people who advise us to understand that whatever it is done, it is for our good only! Seriously.
This is just an inspiration I got from today’s walk and thinking about H. G. Wells’s science fiction novels. He was a brilliant thinker asking for the planet Earth’s depopulation when it had 1.7 billion inhabitants.”
She smiled, and I smiled, and we won!
Whatever it is, SMILE! It will make so-called specialists nervous and you great!
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By Darko Richard Lancelot

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