Laugh and Tears cure Fears

A dietitian visit can be so positive and inspiring to make you lose weight in only half an hour of the appointment. The special cure consists of sincere smiles, wholehearted laughter, and eye expressions reflecting the beautiful personality. Even that mask covered her face due to the circumstances we are experiencing, the aura she had was in complete harmony with mine, contributing to vibrations conjunction. When that got in balance, it was easy to start healthily losing weight and fast! With her professionalism and a fantastic way to communicate, this Cambridge and Oxford-educated clinical dietitian made me very interested in making my food consumption put in order.
You can imagine the inspiration one has to follow the diet and present results to the dietitian of this kind in a couple of weeks.
It was an appointment where I got late and went out with the wish to stay more.
The energy exchanged made me think about how it is easy to interact with another person when you are open to talk about any issues without being stubborn but cooperative and, above all, genuinely human, following philosophyofgoodnews credo to Connect and Respect.
Fear of any kind did not have space to expand in our conversation based on a pure humane approach sweetened with laughter!
It was a way, it is a way, to cure the fear with positive thoughts and natural, cheerful, pure human behavior!
We are all stuck with this epidemic situation continuing for more than one year. First, we were sold a “flattening the curve” story! When it was not enough, second and third waves appeared, and in between, layers of fear and fear and fear and bad news and bad news and very bad news were introduced.
Such a beauty for deceivers. Very sweet for them and bitter for the rest of us. But it is up to us!
Ivo Andric, a 1961 Nobel Prize winner for literature and a person who was a sympathizer of the “Mlada Bosna” movement against the annexation of Bosnia from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1908 and later in 1939 the Kingdom of Yugoslavia ambassador to Germany, said: ” If people would know how little brain is ruling the world, they would die of fear.”
It looks like things did not change much.

However, as dear Madona said:
“Do not cry for me, Argentina!”
Humanity will prevail! It always costs, but it will prevail!
After the refreshing dietitian meeting, the next day came the time to treat one of my dear friends with lunch made in accordance with the diet presented.
Armed with always positive and optimistic thoughts, I reserved a place at a cozy Greek tavern and went to enjoy good company and food.
Food was tasty as usual as it was our conversation. I will not go into details, which will be a part of my eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” but I will let you know that my dear friend overcame her anger, her pain and spoke with her father first time after more than 30 years. It is a tragic yet real human story about the love of the mother, love for the mother, and anger towards the father who left the family when my dear friend was very young.
After losing her mother some years ago and having, like many of us, including myself, troubles finding a way to proceed with life, my dear friend woke up one day and felt that the time has come to meet the father. It was a complex, emotional conversation, which as a result managed, from deep down the soul, to bring the love, the love of daughter towards father and father towards the daughter.
Fears of the father and fears of the daughter were defeated with the help of tears and an open heart, and memory towards the mother and wife!
By listening to the story, I thought how important it is to clear things with our loved ones by opening our souls and hearts.
For that to happen, we need to throw the excess of fear which is disabling our emotions. Then, and only then right words will connect with the right attitude and find the way to reach the person intended to awaken those subtle, charming, elegant, delightful feelings that will win over any remaining fear!
The title “Laugh and Tears cure Fears” could have a subtitle ” Pure Emotions, the medicine against any epidemic.”
When we manage for the gloom to disappear, we will recognize how fascinating feelings will appear!
We will send our positive vibrations towards others, hoping that they will reach, even those Ivo Andric spoke of in his quote.
It reflects triple-A from my eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,”


Darko Richard Lancelot

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