Awake Superman in you

Everything is a matter of decision.

We all have something we lost, something that is bothering us, something that causes us pain. We try to run from something, than to run away from something running after us, and finally, we realize that by running, we only widen the gap between us and us. If we realize. In the meantime, till we fight with circumstances, life goes by with ghosts everywhere! Our ghosts! 

Worries about work, material things, and the impossibility of looking at life as an opportunity to fulfill spiritual needs take us to suppress genuine feelings and “consume,” surrender to different pleasures and different types of pain. Instead of balancing, we go to extremes as we have another ingredient planted in us, fear, fear of anything out of the box built by the system. 

Like recently, I saw a statement saying, “Trust science, not morons.” It brought a smile to my face, and at the same time, I felt concerned about all of us. Morons should be the ones asking questions about vaccinations and PCR tests validity, and the others, the good ones, are those following what the science, mainstream science, is preaching. 

If you apply just common sense and start following the money, the conclusion is obvious. The Conspiracy Practitioners use our fellow human beings to implement ancient and often tested guidelines to “divide and rule.” There is an excess of useful idiot’s supply. Especially those that are acting as intellectuals and are just idiots. (Nikolas Taleb article “The intellectual yet idiot.”)

As an inspiration to go further, I remembered the 1942 published book of R.B.Pearson, “The dream and lie of Louis Pasteur,” and Pierre Jacques Antoine Bechamp’s reply to Pasteur regarding the results of his “Beacon Experiment.” He was “astonished by the Pasteur astonishment!” Similar to the astonishment of some of us with some other of us. 

It is easy to read and comprehend—no need to be a scientist, just to have common sense. 

“In this experiment, he dissolved perfectly pure cane sugar in water in a glass bottle containing air, but tightly stoppered. Several other bottles contained the same solution, but with a chemical added.

In the solution without any added chemical, moulds appeared in about thirty days, and inversion of the sugar in this bottle then went on rapidly, but moulds and inversion did not occur in the other bottles containing added chemicals. He measured the inversion frequently with a polariscope. These observations were concluded on February 3, 1855, and his paper was published in the Report of the French Academy of Science for the session of February 19, 1855.

This left the moulds without an explanation, so he started a second series of observations on June 25, 1856 (at Strasbourg) in order to determine if possible, their origin, and on March 27, 1857, he started a third series of flasks to study the effects of creosote on the changes. Both series were ended at Montpelier on December 5, 1857.

In the second series he spilled a little liquid from flasks 1 and 2 during manipulation, so these two flasks contained a little air in contact with the liquid. In these two flasks, moulds soon appeared, and alteration in the medium ensued.

He also found that the changes were more rapid in the flask in which the mould grew more rapidly.

In the other nine flasks there was no air, no mould formed, and no inversion of the sugar occurred; plainly air was needed for the moulds and inversion to occur. This proved beyond any possibility of doubt that the moulds and inversion of the sugar could not be “spontaneous” action, but must be due to something carried in the air admitted to the first two flasks.

Yet Pasteur later called fermentation “life without air, or life without oxygen.”

At this time, it was quite generally believed that fermentation could not take place except in the presence of albuminoids, which were in general use by Pasteur and others as part of their solutions. Hence, their solutions could have contained these living organizations to start with.

Bechamp’s solutions contained only pure cane sugar and water, and when heated with fresh-slaked lime did not disengage ammonia – ample proof that they contained no albumen. Yet moulds, obviously living organisms, and therefore containing albuminoid matter, had appeared in these two solutions.

Bechamp proved to his own satisfaction that these moulds were living organisms and that cane sugar was inverted, as he said “… only in proportion to the development of moulds. These elementary vegetations then acting as ferments.”

Pasteur, apparently overlooking the air contact, challenged Bechamp’s statements, saying:

“… to be logical, Bechamp should say that he has proved that moulds arise in pure sugared water, without nitrogen, phosphates or other mineral elements, for that is an enormity that can be deduced from his work, in which there is not the expression of the least astonishment that moulds have been able to grow in pure water with pure sugar without any other mineral or organic principles.”

Bechamp’s retort to this was:

“A chemist au courant with science ought not to be surprised that moulds are developed in sweetened water, contained in contact with air in glass flasks. It is the astonishment of Pasteur that is astonishing.”

What does this have to do with all that pain we feel and want to run away from? 

Easy to reply but challenging to accomplish. 

Fear! Fear to face the truth! Fear to be different! Fear of losing something or someone! 

“Just,” one word! FEAR! 

Why all this fear? Is there anything that can diminish anxiety and introduce optimism and, more important, the pure and absolute truth?

Yes! Realization, as Marcus Aurelius says in his meditations: “…but what has once gone is not ours. Our loss, therefore, is limited to that fleeting instant, since no one can lose what is already past, nor yet what is still to come-for how can he be deprived of what he does not possess?”

Instead of dying every day of fear, try living life without it! 

Open eyes, open lungs! Breathe free. Inspire yourself! Go back to basics! The truth is to be found there! 


Ask questions! 

Read between the lines! 

Did you ever ask the question why all producers of the vaccines are exempted from any responsibility of possible side effects? 

Then you might come across of another revelation, as all is already written awaiting you to find out, that: 

“In the Journal of the American Medical Association (May 7, 1932, page 1625), Dr. Alfred Gordon of Philadelphia says: “Since the introduction of anti- microbic serums, a fairly large number of complications have been observed, motor and sensory phenomena occupying the most important place among them. The anti-tetanic serum is the one frequently given as a preventive measure, and in this capacity, it is incriminated as the direct cause of a paralytic phenomenon that occasionally follows its administration. “To avoid all possible litigation, it is suggested to have the patients sign a certificate relieving the physician from all responsibility and consequence of immunization work.””( From the 2010 Donald A. Dahlin book “ARE EPIDEMICS AND VACCINATIONS BILLION DOLLAR SCAMS? THE TRUTH REVEALED AND HOW A WHOLE NEW BIOLOGY WILL CHANGE, HEAL AND EXTEND YOUR LIFE!” Library of Congress Control Number: 2010914530)

When your psyche is well, your body will be well too! 

Greek word Psychosomatic definition is “Physical illness or other condition caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.”

As Shakespeare says in Hamlet 

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Think positively, and life will be free of fear and manipulation! 

You are the master of yourself! 

You have the freedom and courage of choice; however others, little people, could call you.


“The truth will come to life!” ( again Shakespeare)

Fragments from the eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond” by Darko Richard Lancelot you can preorder below

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