So, here is one short story to be included in Quarantine Diaries and Beyond.
Diaries have the beauty that you can write about anything, anytime, anywhere and not only about today’s day. This short story is about the event happened some decades ago. I think 3 and a half, or only 35 years ago. Then my friends and I had a pleasure celebrating the birth of our dear friend Milan first child. It was a boy and the name they gave him was Nikola. Nikola is know a married men that lives happily in Canada.
As I was the best men of Milan we organised the event, the party to celebrate the first child in our company of friends.
We chose the rusted boat on Belgrade Sava River called Balkan with Gypsy owner and great live Gypsy music, combined with traditional Serbian food.
After our party and some years after, Balkan rusted boat sinked and it does not exist anymore. However many stories happened there and the memory my friends and I have( hope they will still remember) of THAT NIGHT will always remind us of Passion, Love, Togetherness and unconditional Friendship.
During that night which started arround 8 pm with the dinner and finished arround 5 am when our dear Gypsy owner brought some interesting people to kindly, honestly kindly, ask us to leave, many things happened.
One memorable was that for the moment, while we were singing and dancing, we lost our friend Muki-short from Mustafa with his real name being Dragutin. We gave him nick name Mustafa as he came to our school from Algeria where his father was Yugoslav Army representative. So, as we noticed that he was missing and as he was maybe more drunk than the rest of us we started to look arround for him. Balkan boat was small and it was easy to search it. He was not inside of Balkan. We went out to see where is he and we found him “exploring” and “visiting” the nearby boat and kindly aproaching the customers asking where the toilet is. As they were astonished with his presence they just could not get to the senses to show him the way towards the toilet. As the time passed and our friend Muki had an urgent need to urinate he started unzipping his trousers… And that was the time that we arrived and took him to the toilet to release his tension. I do not recall what else has happened but remember that my dear great friend Milan woke me up arround 6 am. I was in his car and the car was at my place of living. His sister Milana the secret sympathy of Konta was with him in the front seat. I asked if all was OK and Milan, our company first men to become father, told me that he took Muki home before me and that all the others Braja, Sava, Konta, Pale and I do not remember who else were safe and at their homes. Most probably Sava the first to have driving licence and now successful owner of the best car service in Belgrade, took the others to their respective homes.
It was a night and dawn of excessive alcohol and gypsy music with particular black naughty lively eyes of Gypsy lady singer to stay in our minds for so many years with me remembering it tonight and writing about it for the first time. I will not tag my dear friends and will let them contribute more to the story to stay as a beautiful memory of our youth saluting again Nikola who was the occasion to live such a great time.


Darko Richard Lancelot

Connect and Respect

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