Great Moments

We live in the great moments! Being great does not mean that it is not difficult. But it means that as Nikola Tesla said: ” Great moments are born great opportunity!” Opportunity to clean our minds, get the soul in the right place and practice Love and Respect! With all! Even with planers!  


That is the number of the rapid tests done in the Republic of Cyprus, with approximately 875000 inhabitants, on the 9th of May, Victory Day, the Day of Europe, Mothers Day. 

It is possible that, in the near future, to try to degrade Victory Day further, someone might decide to make the 9th of May the Rapid Test day. 

There is a serious possibility for this great event to be included in history books for the new generations to learn about our achievements.

Let it be decided when the time comes, and now, let’s focus on just one thing! FREEDOM OF CHOICE! 

We can not be forced to love someone we do not have affection for!? Or maybe, by some “soft” pressure, we can be moved to reconsider to “love” that person because of the interest we might see, or because of the advice of our parents who might have in mind financial situation, family standing, position in the society, etc… That is called fixed marriage. It has happened in previous centuries. It was not always that bad as improvements were always possible. But with something injected to our body? Especially when that something is still in the experimental phase. Every revision will not delete the substance already injected, but it will demand to inject another substance until it becomes practice. And if that is allowed by us and becomes new normal, who will “guard the guardians?” 

Use common sense.  

It is possible that the whole of the civilization, western in particular, as we know it, is built on interests. Then only by the interest, it acts, and only by the conformism, makes decisions. However, when AI-Artificial Intelligence enters our lives, the conformists, to call it lightly, might decide that humans can slowly disappear as their services are no longer required. Then, who will protect you?  

Use common sense! 

Love without sacrifice is like a theft Nicholas Taleb said. That Nicholas Taleb who wrote an essay ” The intellectual yet idiot,” and the Black Swan book. That Nicholas Taleb who tries to awake you! 

Love of any kind, universal love, for us human beings can not happen without sacrifice! That is not utopia. It is the state of mind, vibrations we project! It does not have anything to do with statistics! With flattening the curve stupidity! 

As dear Professor Velimir Abramovic said, “statistics is a human ignorance about the particular event!” 

The signs are all over us, starting with introducing the word sustainability continuing with so many other events, including the video from 2016 projecting the chip implants. You can see it here:

Use common sense,

We were not aware of the plans, as most of us want to have a simple family life, raise kids, enjoy the grandchildren, good company, and well-deserved retirement.

Well, it is time to observe better, get aware, open eyes, and investigate!  

When suspicion develops into confidence, that is when we will get awake and aware of situations and plans of those that want to affect our lives in a dividing way, to make us antagonize between ourselves. Those forces proceed with insidious, sneaky ways, like bribes and the renting of scientists(those who think that science is an institution and not the everlasting process) to divide and subdue populations.

Use common sense.

Lately, as plans are not going as expected, it looks like that there is no way back for them. They will use as leverage all the sleepwakers who forgot themselves in sleep, as Bulgakov wrote in Master and Margarita. By sophisticated propaganda, they label all the people using common sense to express their views as morons, anti-vaxxers, or anti who knows what! 

They are treated with irony and postulate like “Trust Science not Morons.” Such a pity that we have fellow human beings to react like that.  

The question for them all is, WHO WILL PROTECT YOU AT THE END?

Use common sense.

If my favorite historian and late professor at Georgetown Univesity, Carroll Quigley, were among us, he would probably change the title of his unique and highly common sensed book “Tragedy and Hope” to Tragedy of Hope! If we all start, just start using common sense, hope will overcome the tragedy and become a massive force of projecting freedom! Freedom of all corrupted fellow human beings, to whom we would provide a way to awake themselves and get to understand that they are also used! Tragically used! 

So dear fellow human beings, instead of showing off that you got vaccinated, stop for a while and reflect and respect both decisions. To do and to do not. 

Both choices are human, and both are valid!

 If we had freedom of choice and decided anything of the two, and respect other people’s decisions, hope will rise, and results for the good of all will be visible sooner! At the same time, the manipulation like “do it to protect others, or do it for the “good of the society,” will lose strength as more and more awake people will start walking freely around asking many questions like “who is responsible for this mess,” “what can we do to bring them to justice,” etc…

It would be fantastic if all this process of vaccinations will not affect the general population’s health in the next five or ten years. If it would, then history will say that the days we live now were the worst ever experiment with the general population’s health. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy practice.  

Use common sense.

Even that Thomas Paine said that “Time makes more converts than a reason,” we might relatively soon realize what the plan was and how it was projected to us by presenting fearful news and negativity every day.

Then we can get organized and advance towards the courtrooms to bring all those organizers and paid followers to the trials! 

That is happening, and there is an attempt to postpone the first scheduled hearings as negotiations are definitely being held somewhere by someone. 

As planned, “Quarantine Diaries” are completed, and beyond is slowly taking its place! The above is part of it. 

You could get it and read it with your own contribution of one personal diary day. More at 

Beyond is here. Beyond starts in the minds of those awakened! Those who finally recognize that programmed and massive world experiment of enslavement took place. Those that found out that the whole process got funded by huge money and interests, with all the same narratives instructed by the financiers. 

Humanity will prevail, like it or not, as it is getting organized and testing the system’s core. Let’s see how the judiciary will respond. 


Green Pass or any Pass being introduced to limit freedom of choice, especially with medicaments which are still under the experimental stage, are crimes against humanity, and you should know it. Everything is written. It just needs implementation. 

Great Moments , Great Opportunity! Let us seize it and act!

Darko Richard Lancelot



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