The world as we know it is changing. Things are unwinding. The billionaires understand that they are not as powerful as they thought and, indeed, as many of us still believe.
That is another message to all those blindly supporting lost cases! Those support everything that comes from sophisticated propaganda, not realizing that it is the way of brainwashing at its best.
Lost cases are those that are based on lies and deceptions. Always. Just that they are courted to one extent till they are needed. Then when they cross the line and think that they are omnipotent, they are sacrificed by forces that exceed all the billions and influence they, poor people, thought they have. That is a type of change. Awaking is also the way of a change! Like is sleepwalking. I firmly believe that all of the blindness, sleepwalk, depression, and other destructive emotional states come from the educational system that became a “Landfill of useless things!”
“Landfill of useless things” is so powerful expression used by a friend of mine, Ph.D. in Philosophy and aware, awake person! He is, first of all, a genuine human being, and then we can add all the other titles.
Educate your children at home! Educate them with virtues and common sensed plays. Let them love books and count the stars! Let them dream! Let them get lost in their dreams, their thoughts! Let them wake up early to enjoy the sunrise! Let them love freely! Let them love with full lungs! Without masks!
“What is the change for you?”
That is the question I received online ( became modern to do things online) from a fellow Toastmaster to give a little publicity for our upcoming meeting.
My reply was swift, and here it is.
While visiting a pub in England, more than 100 years old, my friend ordered a beer. The beer came, and he gave a 10-pound note to pay for it. After a while, he consumed his beer, but the change did not arrive yet. So he kindly asked the barman, “Excuse me, what about my change? ” to get an immediate answer: “Change? We don’t like change here.”
Joke aside, change is a process, not an institution. Like Science is! It is a process in which many lose directions, and many discover beautiful things. I could call change to be the process of becoming!

To add some thoughts for the sake of the diary, Quarantine Diary and Beyond, the process of becoming is not defining what you will become or what you are becoming! You might become a billionaire but emotionally completely destructed person with a triple personality. You became!
But what?
Or you became, just, a human being with compassion and genuine love towards others.
You also become!
As there is no free lunch, if you think that it is possible to combine, you will be disappointed running for that without ever being satisfied!
The choice is yours. The option is ours!

Things are simple and obvious. You only need, and that is the truth, common sense! Free mind and a decision to abandon the “landfill of useless things,” one being statistics!
And to remind you that one great mind that of Sir Isaac Newton left with us and this simple sentence: ” I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion…”

Dear all readers! Unite as humans! It is possible!

Darko Richard Lancelot



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