Pythagoras and Variants

Pythagoras and variants

Pythagoras Theorem says α2+β2=γ2.
Pythagoras and his students did not think how to use the “Δδ” Delta letter. But since it is there, it would be a disgrace not to find a way to use it. So now when Δδ Delta is used, we have another 20 Greek letters to attribute the meaning of our choice, as they would be jealous of Δδ Delta.
Delta has a psychological impact but imagine “Χχ” Chi or “Ψψ” Psi or famous “Ωω” Omega what effect would have!
But on the other hand, “Ωω” Omega is not so profitable as there are no more Greek letters after it, so another alphabet would need to be used. Someone might come to an idea to use 16 century BC letters found at the Engomi-Cyprus archaeological site. You can enjoy this, they say, still not deciphered letters in the below photo courtesy of an exciting book “The Origins of Cypriots” by Marie-Louise Winbladh.

That someone who thinks that ” Quod licet lovi, non licet bovi” or in English ” What is permissible for Jupiter may not be permissible for a bull” is wrong like all his predecessors.
It just reveals a common-sense reason why the decline of world powers is irreversible. No matter how many advances happened during their reign, the downturn, when it starts, is inevitable. Hope without changeless destructive consequences for humanity!
We “THE PEOPLE” would reverse one of the things: to make accountable all those that were selling to us colorful lies!
The faster we do it, the fewer alphabets will be used.

It is up to us to chose if we want to look like flies or like bees!

In the mean time you could choose to go for a holyday and forget for a while all the alphabets!

Just enjoy sun, sea, air clearing your mind!

Darko Richard Lancelot



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