Do not spit in the wind

Old idea new way to implement control and divide and rule policies.

“A kapo or prisoner functionary was a special type of prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps during The HolocaustKapos were chosen by the Schutzstaffel (SS) camp guards to help run the camps. Some kapos were in charge of other prisoners, who had to do forced labor.”

During the second world war, at concentration camps and well-known Warsaw Geto, some so-called “kapos,” even prisoners themselves, were in charge of other prisoners who had to do forced labor.
The SS recruited “kapos” from the majority of the prisoners, who were obviously Jews.
So, the people from the same nation were controlling and forcing other compatriots to do hard work, and not only.
It was the implementation of the old policy “Divide and Rule.”
Second World War passed with tremendous cost to human lives and left scars on humanity to warn future generations not to live the same and worst experiences!
We are now at that future.
Kapos are slowly put in place to control the rest of the population. Some will be easily controlled by fear, some by harsh rules, some by isolation, and some by ultimate control, like in the WW2 concentration camps.
The actual authors of this divide and rule policies will stay hidden until the time of great revelation and the greater reaction of humanity!
A humble suggestion to new kapos in the making is to not spit in the wind!
Instead, awake and contribute to the beauty of our planet and fellow human beings. Do not allow to become the tools, just tools of conspiracy practitioners! Yes! Conspiracy Practitioners!
Western World as we know it is slowly but, unfortunately, very surely, decisively approaching the imploding state. Whatever practitioners try to do will be with a small and short effect! You will see our governments try to free themselves from the clutches of corrupt and intolerable conspiracy practitioners. It will not be easy as we are all surrounded by them!
They are everywhere, and the majority of them are not aware that they are used! Big time!
Conspiracy practitioners know how to manipulate and use propaganda machinery. Read their moves, talk about them, and manipulation, as it does not like publicity is gone!
Then there will be more free space for awaking!
Awaking means to LOVE! To practice togetherness and to find the meaning of your existence here on this planet!
Kapos are temporary, and they will go to the rubbish of history without anyone remembering their name. If you want to be remembered, do GOOD! Help people in need! Be one face all the time! Double or triple faces are for politicians, those that are just passers-by in this world without any chance to achieve posthumous fame!
Many would like to be remembered, but people will forget about them when they get out of power! The exact and very moment!
If you want to be remembered after you pass your life or better time in power, then find that real genuine one instead of three faces and start using it!
People have antennas to see genuine, human vibes, and at the same time, they recognize insidious acts!
Do not spit in the wind!
If you chose not to, the whole new world is opening to you, dear kapos!
The world of genuine feelings, love, respect, and continuous development for the goodness of humanity, your children, and your children’s children!
I am so sure that goodness will prevail and that humanity will proceed without manipulators and conspiracy practitioners and kapos that nothing can change that! Postpone maybe, but change, never!
Awake, and again DO NOT SPIT IN THE WIND!

Cover photo courtesy of “Points of You!” Thank you!

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