New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)

This is the beginning of new epidemiology dictionary. We kindly ask you to contribute with your word suggestions. Thank you.

Family- the place where children who are not vaccinated will transfer the virus to vaccinated parents

Variants- If Delta is not enough Delta Plus to be introduced

Herd immunity – with every new variant add 7% of population. If it passes 100% just continue like nothing has happened. Numbers endure all. For God sake you are scientists and people believe you and your gray hair.

Zero cases- It is not recommended to have zero cases. We might become more relaxed and regain freedom.

Relaxed- that word is deleted from vocabulary

Fear- it is for the good of society, it is recommended. Dosage-five times a day after any meal and/or tea, coffee, alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks.

Gray hair- a must for all epidemiologist as it projects trust.

Parrot-the ability to say the same words as your masters are teaching you.

Mask-“a covering for the face, as a bandage, an apparatus for administering anesthesia or oxygen, or a cloth that prevents droplets from the mouth and nose from spreading in the air.” – to wear in accordance who you are and who will see it.

To be continued…



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8 thoughts on “New Epidemiology dictionary (in making)

  1. Hi, loving the new dictionary 👍
    What about ” chask” a useless piece of material that covers the nose and mouth, but is more commonly worn on the chin. We’ve all seen it done.


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