It will pass

It looks like that it is the day of stories!
So, here is one from ancient China.
Fater and son, from a young age, were working hard at the rice fields.
Father had a hobby which was Calligraphy. He was teaching his son during their spare time the technique and wanted his son to become a master of it! He was constantly repeating to his son that he was sorry that he could not leave him with more money but extremely satisfied with his sons’ advances. His son became the real master in Calligraphy!
As father felt that he would pass away soon, he wrote two sentences and put the one in the small black box and the other in the small white box.
He then asked his son never to open the boxes except in two cases. The first case when he should open the white box, father said, would be as if he was desperate and running out of fate and hope for life’s purpose.
The second case, when the son should open the small black box, would be if he made such a massive success that he thought that all his life purpose was fulfilled and that he achieved the top of his life and carrier!
After some time, the father died, and the son was left alone to fight for his survival at the rice fields. As he was a very open person giving all his trust to all the co-workers, some of them used that trust and stole from him all the equipment he had together with the food he stored as a reserve not to starve if there would be a food shortage. He was in a complete downflow, and he starved as the only way to work was with his hands which was not enough to get some decent food to survive. He tried very hard, and when he saw, or thought, that his suffering will not end, he decided to give the end to his life. Then in the millisecond, he remembered the two small boxes he always carried with him and decided to read the sentence his father left at the white box before he takes his life. He opened the white box, and there he found in beautiful calligraphy the following sentence: ” Dear Son, It will pass!”
He decided to give more time to his life and to try to survive. Some of his co-workers saw how difficult and desperate his suffering was. They knew how talented a calligraphy writer he was and decided to help him by giving him more food and teaching him how to make his own equipment again. He managed to survive and became dedicated to continuing with his life, looking for a better future.
Some of his co-workers heard that the master of the whole land fields was looking for someone who knows how to write to employ him in his central offices to help with his personal correspondence.
He finally got a job and started to advance his carrier in the master house, and after some time, when the master’s daughter fell in love with him, they decided to marry, always with the consent of the girl’s father and the master of the whole land!
They got married and had a beautiful life. Had six children, and all were brought up to have respect towards all. Their parents taught them to practice togetherness, always giving them a chance to advance their talents!
One day as he was sitting on his balcony, satisfied with all his life achievements, he thought about the small black box his father left with him and decided to open it and read the message.
He opened a small black box and read the sentence written in exceptional calligraphy by his father.
It said: “Dear Son, this will pass too!”

To continue with wise words, I asked and Ukrainian gentleman who conquered Mount Everest about what he thought when only twenty meters from the top. He said without hesitation, “I was thinking how to go safely down!”

All that we are living today will pass. What will stay are our actions and remembrance about the suffering caused to other fellow human beings. That and only that will take all to the dustbin of history!
We all have a choice! Will we protect our integrity and democracy, or will we make half of our population feel like livestock!
It is up to those that govern us all.

Just remember that all will pass, with the deeds to stay.
I am honestly concerned if the results of all this going on with pushing the people to do something they do not want to do will be without human loss.
Someone said, “If I knew that you exist, I would go to hell immediately!”
How easy would it be to trust all those involved and do as instructed. However, things are not at all clear yet.

Darko Richard Lancelot



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