Milgram Experiment-THE THIRD WAVE-AGAIN

In the upcoming eBook “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” there is a day 10 being April 3 rd 2020.
The title is THE THIRD WAVE, and it is about a theatre performance held on 20 and 21st of March 2017 by Pancyprian Gymnasium students, which I had the privilege to attend both.

I thought that people are being warned and prepared years before something happens but usually do not have either time or interest to go deeper and investigate. We all are preoccupied with material and running after material things, thus losing the balance of our being. We become easy targets for manipulators bringing the situations we are passing through now.
Below is the article from March 2017.
It is about “The Third Wave” experiment taking place in 1967, trying to explain the obedience and acceptance of the German population of the Nazi regime. In 1963, there was a Milgram experiment trying to measure the “Obedience to Authority.” Interesting how all have some pattern of continuation. But before all that, there was a Thomas Robert Malthus (1766-1834) who wrote many things, one being the essay on the “Principle of Population” where he says: “Any great interference with the affairs of other people is a species of tyranny.” And the message to all that are living today’s events- “Evil exists in the world not to create despair but activity!!!” So, everything that we experience today is an opportunity to become more active than before! Activity transmutes the mind and awakes the soul! Evil would not approve that, but that is what it produces! The action of otherwise lazy and lulled people.
Below is the article with minor changes.
Hope is important! Everything in this life starts with hope for love and from a genuine need of people to be hugged, as one of our young actresses so bluntly and hearty, stated in beautifully performed “The third wave” play, done in Nicosia, Cyprus by students of Pancyprian Gymnasium. No social distancing neither lockdowns!
In Greek is called “Trito Kyma”!
This experiment was initially performed out of love for a job young Professor Jones had. His character was brilliantly portrayed by David Anastasiou, the multitalented young man!

We, as public, somehow magically lost the feeling of time and followed, blindly, that fantastic, powerful performance of the students of Pancyprian Gymnasium.
We felt in the audience that we were manipulated together with the class of Mr. Jones. Just to the point of the experiment, and amazingly, also, as I could see, some fear!
Discipline, Involvement, Team, special Salute as the upgrade, then Songs were used to achieve a manipulation. If you take the above words one by one, they will be acceptable to the masses but presented together, and in the group, they become the means for manipulation. Like today’s slogan, “Vaccinated to Protect You.”
We, in the audience, became sleepwalkers, following the play as the vocabulary used excluded words like love and compassion.
Mr.Jones had a secret thought and desire to discover hidden forces in his students and in himself. By performing the play, he tried to see invisible forces in the general public and make them participants in the experiment.
I feel that we all have moments of feeling lonely and having the need to love and be loved to hug and embrace. When this happens, as we are afraid to lose our comfort and our way of life, we become easily manipulated.
As already mentioned in one of the quarantine diaries, manipulation is not violent! It is a temptation! It is the state of mind where the human being is doing something that others want him to do, coercing him to want to do that! Men might become the victim of manipulation only if he becomes coauthor, an accomplice of it. That is what “The Third Wave” experiment taught us! Reflecting doings of those so-called “kapos” in the concentration camps during WWII.
The play induces the awakening bell to ring in our organisms!
As “being awake is everything.” For those seeking to awake, one little, tiny suggestion! STOP WATCHING THE MAINSTREAM NEWS!
One pure moment of a need for being awake and a need for love have happened during the play. Showing how lovely human beings we all are. Namely, a son needed to leave the theatre, and my eye caught the moment when mother fingers have tried to touch the son leaving, in so smooth, human, full of love way, only the mother can give. It made me feel warm and positive that humanity is not lost and can not be lost whatever manipulation is applied!
And as of now, July 2021, the manipulation is applied, and the target is the relation between children and parents! Those paid to manipulate imply that THE UNVACCINATED CHILDREN ARE TRANSFERRING THE VIRUS TO VACCINATED PARENTS! However, the love is subconscious and is ready to react and diminish any form of manipulation. Not easy at all, but that is what will be the end result!
Love is around us and in vast quantities, and it will always find its way back!
And unconditionally, love!
We are attacked! And as an action, we are in the process of change. In that process, we will fight, we will be manipulated, we will awake on and on, we will sleepwalk also, but we will prevail!
New ideas, fresh air, revolutionary moves are all, always, in the past as now, faced with antagonism. That is encouraged as long as it is genuine and productive for the common good. When it becomes a part of the manipulation of consciousness, we need to react immediately to not have the life of the frog! It is important to be repeated!
When you put the frog in the boiled water, it will jump out of it immediately! But if you put it in lukewarm water, it will swim with pleasure in it and will not notice that the pot is set on fire as the warmth will increase gradually. The frog will enjoy the heat so much until it is cooked!
And I have a feeling that somebody just switched off the fire under the pot we were in! It is still hot, but there is not the same intensity of fire under!
As time passes, that fire will stop, and we, alive and awake, will help the others find themselves again!
Patience, humanity, togetherness, love!
Genuine and from the soul, let’s practice them all!
All in One and One in All. We need them all with us!

Extracts from the book ” Quarantine diaries and Beyond” -Better Be- you can preorder here

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