Old School project game

Old School project game

TRAIN THE BRAIN You are invited to participate in the game! In shameless society, where integrity is reduced, culture of lie starts to govern. To confront it let’s go back to old school. To the school that teach to learn how to learn and does not brain wash with “label driven” dry to comply education. The school that makes you aware and awake and helps you choose your own method to advance! Where you want to! At any age and zero impositions! Free and fearless. The Game has symbolic contribution and symbolic prize. To join, send 1$, and kindly, give your thought of “HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN?” Leave your reply at the comment section or send it to below email. PLEASE USE MAXIMUM 11 WORDS. THE GAME WILL LAST TILL THE END OF AUGUST WHEN WE WILL VOTE FOR THE FIRST 3 WINNERS. 1ST PRIZE 500 USD 2ND PRIZE 300 USD 3RD PRIZE 200 USD All participants will have their quotes published in a separate booklet( if there will be enough quotes) to be send to each of you in pdf format. Memory to stay for future generations. Your kids, your kids kids and beyond, never, for real NEVER, to be forgotten! Wishing you a happy and awake game! Let the thoughts flow freely and fearlessly!


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