Book on the beach

Going to the beach is a ritual to many.

Preparing towel, sunscreen cream, maybe a sandwich or two, mask, changing dress and anything else your mind says, is definitely a ritual. For many is rush but, I want to believe, to as many is a ritual. That is called “old school,”where all that is worthy takes time.

And not to forget a special companion even if you have a company. The book!

That happens to me and all arround me when going to the beach.

Lately I discovered that there should be parts of the beaches where WiFi does not work! WiFi can distruct that special, unique feeling, to live what you read. Writers usualy write about themselves, covering it using different techniques, but if your mind is free for a couple of minutes, you start living the story you read. We all start feeling the words we read and make them to become our own experiences.

Before sharing my read for today’s beach session let me share a short event meaning so much, and inspiring me to feel deeper what I read and becoming fired up with the idea that humanity will prevail! As always!

Namely, I heard when on the beach, two ladies talking: “ Susanne, you will not believe what I forgot to bring with me!? A book! My God, I must forgot it on the kitchen table while rushing to come to your car.” Susanne gently smiled and replied with such an easiness : “ Here is my car key. Go and take it. You will be back in twenty minutes. “

That was it. Lady friend of Susanne took the car key and went to take the book she forgot on the kitchen table. It was 11.20, before noon.

I continued reading my book with greater zeal and deeper curious emotions.

My companion book name was “Fourteen to Fourty-Eight, A Diary in Verse” written by Margery Lawrence in 1949 and dedicated to her husband Arthur who died in 1948.

From her note: “… I tend to write not so much of these events themselves as if their effect on my personal life and the lives of the people I love. But I fancy a tendency of most women( certainly of emotional and highly-strung women) to put people before events, to be subjective rather than objective. And deeply moved as one may be by a world-tragedy such as(for instance) Hiroshima or the horrors of Belsen, these still do not hurt most of us as sharply ad agonizingly as the sight of the desparate pain of one beloved person who belongs to us… “

She wrote it then but it can be applied forever and ever. Goes without saying that forever and ever is today also!

It could be that statistic was invented just because of that!

Margery “Diary in Verse, “ is a book of person who loved much and beloved of many!

I enjoyed growing with her, again.

Even that 1912 the year of her first poem from the part of “Childhood, “ is some nearly six decades before I was born, her rimes reflect not only mine but many generations childhood. The childhood that was overwhelmed with curiosity and search for mostly spiritual, ultimate love and happiness.

The Song of Peters Mother written after she saw first time Peter Pan says

“ There lies a little shadow on the wall,

A little sound of wailing on the air,

There came a little figure in the night

And passed again-but left its shadow there.”

Then songs of the youth written from 1914-1918 during the duration of the WWI, where… “My soldier lies sleeping… “

Where “darkness and silence and night is the end of their story-All we need to know. “

And expressing rage of wounded

“We who lie away

God! Hear ourccry

Upon Their hands our blood

Is yet undry

Those who sat safe at Home

And let us die! “

It was 1917, but every turbulent year in any nations history can be described like that.

Margery concludes, as we all should!

“God of my sailor, make me strong

To live as bravely as he died! “

If we as human beings start living as bravely as those who sacrifice their lives for us our world will be a paradise!

Out of all these experiences and pain, and then when you do not expect or planned for it love comes and starts making you dizzy and blind with flying mind!

“I can not work.

Between my desk and me

Your face slips, smiling…

I can not sleep.

You come between my eyes….

Oh, I feel yourclios

That burn and ache on mine…

I can not sleep…”

That was her Arthur!

They experienced pure, genuine adoration and uncountable devotion, called simply love.

Not sex but pure love which results in beautiful overwhelming and passionate sexual relationship.

When Arthur passed away she wrote “Gentleman-In White” and following


“While there’s a wave to lift a keel

And wind to fill a sail

While sun and moon and stars can tell

Their never-changing tale

While Earth and all her gods can bless

And courage can prevail-

O bruised heart, buckle on your pride

And thank the Lord the world is wide”

Short book, meant for the beach.

Sea salt water is near to clean all the tears and remind you that tomorrow is another day.

Be ready for love and compassion!

Do not ask for it! It will come at the time you do other things. But be prepared when it comes to reckognise it and do not let it go!

Instead live experiences and “buckle on your pride! “

For the end I left one piece of information.

The book which is now in my possession was a present to some Lindsay Irene with love from her grandmother in 1957!

Instead of something else, go back to “old school” and start giving presents in the form of books‼! Again!

Will save your soul and you from all this pot we are swiming in!

And for any god you believe in sake-LOVE!



Darko Richard Lancelot


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