Magic of living

Waking up in the magic place, something nearest to my idea of paradise, with thoughts about what represents friendship and what happiness inspires me to enjoy life. It immediately reminded me of Pythagoras and what he said, that “the art of living is to live in the present,” whatever that present might be. When you set your mind free, inspired by the whole magnetic atmosphere, your brain starts singing, and words start flowing. This is precisely what is happening with me now, and these verses are born-
Magic place, waves sound
with the tickling breeze blowing around
some donkey curiously passing by
while I look at the sea and cloudy sky

That is me living the present with a completely clean and clear mind.
If someone would want to define the state I live in at this moment, the moment of the present, the definition would be – incorrigible romantic!
Being romantic is to see the world with beautiful color glasses and to love all human beings! Whoever they are and where ever they come from, as long as they are human. And Romantic! Hahahaha. Not necessarily, but I would be inclined to wish for that!
I can not fill my eyes with enough of the landscape in front of me! It is, and it will never be enough!
Oh, life! Oh, God! Oh, human beings and my dearest friends! I would like for the present to be always like this present!
After three years, I came here again, and I did not expect to be reborn again, like the first time.
Then it happened instantly. Now, after three years, it occurs at the end!
The tears I shed three years ago when walking towards this part of the sea for the first time, I freed now, again this morning, my third day here.
The third morning I got the feeling that I am living the present miracle called simply LIFE!

We, the people, live our lives often bored and with constant fear. The fear grows exponentially with the unknown, or just imagined!
What we can not see and feel induces fear in all our being, making it impossible to feel and live the present!
Then we have a technology and even higher technology made to make our life, suppose easier, but in reality complicates it with all the bad news and even the shallow, plastic, good news. All serve the concept of making us stupid, zombies, half robots, morons, idiots, and who knows what else. The point is to forget that we are human and that we ARE ROMANTIC!
And then you come to this place again.
You meet people with different backgrounds and habits. New and old habits included.
Like two Italian couples who were trained to wear the face mask in the open and while walking. They spent their valuable present time discussing PCR test requirements instead of enjoying and living the magic this place offers! They are beautiful, good, genuine people who were hit by the hammer of propaganda and fear and deprived of feeling the present moments! They said, trying to confirm their affiliation to the system, “we also have a “Green Pass.” Green Pass is in Italy what is “Safe Pass” in Cyprus or some other pass in other countries! All are PASS! Do you remember “AUSWEIS?” If not, go immediately to the new technology called GOOGLE and find out who, when, and why asked for that document. Immediately! Then WAKE UP and become ROMANTIC!

Maybe those inventors of “Pass” , and other unfortunate conformist will forbid us again from going to the sea and enjoying the scenery listening to the waves, and inhaling iodine!

But until then, I will, and you should fill the eyes, ears, and lungs with all the magic and pureness of this world living this present moment. With Donkey company also! They are veryyyyy cute!

Live the present, make the MAGIC! You ARE THE MAGIC!


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