Lost Swimming Trunks


Swimming trunks forgotten

Who cares, you or some of you would say when reading the title! But if the title was “She Again!” then your blood would start circulating faster as your curiosity would immediately reach high levels! Well, I was thinking of controlling the circulation by slowly going to the point! But in vain! However, the title was a good try!
There are life situations when the “point” does not care about blood flow and blood pressure. It happens, and we need to accept it, live with it and definitely enjoy it!
Let me try again to calm the feelings and go around a bit.

Yesterday, I went on an excursion to see places I already saw before. It was an excellent opportunity to renew the awareness and live the excitement again! All went beyond high expectations, and after visiting one ancient citadel with the breathtaking view of both sides of the island of Cyprus, we went to see another ancient city radiating magic! I often felt it there, the first time being in September of 2016 when I attended “Antigoni,” a theatre play performed by Cyprus Theatre Organisation. The ancient theatre of Salamina was full of people awaking the magic, which had some decades to reveal itself! This is how my connection with this place started. When things go another way than expected, it is always nice to have a place, a magic place, to raise your morale and positivity.
The place which sharpens receptors, enabling you to feel the magic in the right intensity! After you realize that all that magic is YOU! The site helps as long as you are ready to help yourself first!
Now, after many times of visiting the ancient city of Salamina, it is not necessary to go there often, as the connection, some kind of telepathy is established, and only by thinking any required sort of healing takes place.
Believe it, it is possible, and you can also feel it. Choose your own “Salamina,” and try to forget something to go back again and live the surprise made by Gods!

We came to Salamina after 5 pm, and as the site was closed, I decided to go for a swim at a nearby beach, attracted by heartbreaking music from a nearby beach bar. As it was windy, I savored the waves with my eyes looking at the ruins of Salamina that rose shyly, reminding me that I was at the friendly place! My place of magic. Most of my friends decided to sit at the Bedis beach bar and have a drink, so I did the same after forty minutes of making friends with the sea. After having a shower, I changed and refreshed, took a seat at the bar, and ordered a nice chardonnay. The wine was beautifully cooled, transferring me to the dream mode!
This was when it happened!
When back on the bus I realized that I forgot to take the swimming shorts I left at the chair to dry!
To go or to not go back, I thought during the ride towards Nicosia.
Then I remembered my friend Adriano and his beautiful introduction to my upcoming book “Quarantine diaries and beyond,” which answered the question “To be or not to be?” with a statement I used for the book cover!
“Better be!”
So, I decided to go the following day to the same place, and, if I find my “legendary” swimming shorts, bought by my ex-wife, to have an early morning swim!
That is what has happened and is still happening till I write this!
I came, I found my swimming shorts as it got good care by the staff of Bedis beach bar and immediately went for a swim!

And there was she looking at me! Not only looking but smiling also. I turned around to see if somebody was behind me, and when I saw no one, I started examining the person. She was the woman! Woman with all necessary standards, plus plus plus and such expressive eyes!
I do not want to reveal to the detail how she is looking. That will stay our little secret. But I will share how pleasant conversation can be when you do not speak the same language!
As I was swimming and she and her friend were under the sea dock enjoying the “secret” but highly inspirational place, we exchanged looks and started smiling at one another. They went out, and I followed them to take my camera and get the photos under the sea dock! She gave me the idea!
As I was taking pictures, she came and asked if I want her to take photos of me inside of the dock! Well, you understand, obviously, that I said YES! Huge but balanced, yes!
This is how our friendship started and how we learned a couple of words from our different languages.
Her friend, her and me, had a coffee, slowly learning about who we are and what we do. The learning will continue.
The magic forces of nearby Salamina made me forget my swimming shorts, decide that it is better to be, and go back to Bedis beach bar where I found it and found a new beautiful friend.

Instead of sleeping, wake up and follow the magic!
It will reveal herself when the time is right and not when you want it!
So be consistent and arm yourself with a lot of patience!

Happy be and BETTER BE!

Darko Richard Lancelot

All rights reserved


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