To enhance or to suppress?

Courtesy of O.A.

In recent weeks many beautiful events have occurred that made me more confident that HUMANITY WILL PREVAIL!
Meeting people with different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different life experiences helped me realize that we all have one thing in common!
I will publish the stories of two recent trips soon as they will be included in the book “Quarantine Diaries and Beyond,” obviously, on the “Beyond” section.

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The stories from the bus and people speaking 12 different languages and still not only understanding themselves but feeling compassion and recognizing with respect the opinions of each other. Trust was built, and human life stories connected with happiness, disappointments, love, and pain came from the soul and were shared between us.
Some time passed, and while my heart was sending the signs to the brain to be inspected by the soul and write about it, I came across important information concerning the status and development of the current situation, which was in perfect accordance with my intuition which was trying to keep me awake and aware all this, nearly two years.
So-called scientists still do not know what kind of power our brain has. Also, those so-called scientists do not know what the connection between heart, soul, and brain is. They, the so-called mainstream scientists, disagree that the soul exists.
However, like when we cleavaged the atom, not knowing how to merge it back and still proceeded with it freeing tremendous radioactive energy capable of destroying us all, the same is today when being greedy for more power over human lives blinds us from nurturing our human brain and instead, as some say, try to cover it and suppress it, some point, with graphene “an atomic-scale hexagonal lattice made of carbon atoms.”

Graphene structure

Investigate by yourself what this guy is talking about. The question which would be good to be answered by each of us would be: Is this what we are getting or are pushed to get helping to enhance or to suppress our immunity? Is it Pasteur or Bechamp? Find out. The beauty of finding out by yourself is tremendous. It will help you to find a way to concentrate better! To read more and start finding those messages that are hidden between the lines.
As so-called scientists well presented in the Taleb article ” The intellectual yet idiot,” do not know what our brain is capable of they will be surprised when all this experiment crashes on their heads and the heads of their investors and corrupted officials in every segment of social life! Every segment!
The secret of human existence will never reveal itself to those sick minds.
That is how the natural forces react!
Billions or trillion do not have any effect!
Just pure, simple, human soul, heart, and brain have!
Investigate again and again as it has to do with the most precious thing you have! YOUR LIFE!
And do not stop for a second. Take away your ego and bring back your natural ability of LOVE AND COMPASSION towards your body and fellow human beings. THAT IS CALLED TOGETHERNESS!
The togetherness, so beautifully and meaningfully showed in the above picture of those great ladies, courtesy of an O.A.

Darko Richard Lancelot


Connect and Respect

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