Green Pass/Safe Pass/Code Pass/

Are we sane? Do we realize where this all is going? Do we comprehend that no matter about so called science represented by idiots, we are not walking but running towards abyss!

The concept guys planners and practitioners managed for many of us to get the liquid. Now when is getting obvious that the liquid does not protect as much as they the intellectuals yet insidious idiots propagated and advertised, they do not have an issue at all! Their best defenders are those that got the liquid, that one called new generation liquid, as it is logical and it is common sense for those, our fellow human beings to protect their decision as liquid, with all ingredients is circulating in their blood.

Well, those should react and demand explanations, not those that did not get the liquid.

So those pro-liquid should become anti-liquid when their concise awakes!

Those not receiving the liquid should not react at all. At all.

Those should organize peacefully and make parallel society awaiting many of pro-liquid to join. Hopefully before being thrown into the well

That is it!

More soon!



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