Let your soul be your guide


We live in a world made of manipulation, lies, and fairy tales.
Manipulation keeps you intact and busy not to think to investigate further; lies are used to attack common sense and project the fear of losing conformity, pseudo conformity, and fairytales that serve as a sweet without letting you learn how excessive sugar affects your health. This state in which we are brought and positioned can stay forever. But it will not as the universe is constantly changing! Whatever brainwash is applied and exercised, it is always a matter of time when it will stop. I shily tried in October 2020 to share my thoughts about all this greed that is overwhelming us, where many of our fellow human beings lost a measure of what is enough!
Some of the comments about the article were that this is impossible and that the writer, me, is just out of touch with reality.
Well, that would be a compliment as many new ideas when they were first presented had critics of conformists and status quo lovers. Without new thoughts, the world would never advance!
Domination of paper money, wrongly as an asset, made us lose our natural human values of togetherness, love, altruism…
Running after money, thinking that it is the only power and meaning, the purpose of existence continues today with all those ultra-rich thinking that they own the world and their inhabitants.
Without inhabitants, they forgot that they would not be that rich.
This is why there is a must to limit the amount of richness and reeducate people about fundamental human values!
At the same time, it is crucial to let people learn from the schools, if not families, about corruption and how it reflects our whole existence!
It is time for all humanity to follow universal human values, other than what is in fashion today as greed, insidiousness, and nefarious acts.
New lessons of Humanity, Integrity, Togetherness should be introduced in primary schools! In the way of games and practical projects!
One of my friends sends me a comment regarding my statement from the beginning of this article, stating that “it takes a long way and a lot of work with yourself to reach that point,” but that it is worth every effort and challenge…

My reply was that a good start would be by reducing conformist bias.
All that work would not be “a lot” if we start educating our children about universal human values. Only then will we and our planet have a future!
So, we better start practically “yesterday” to reach the future faster!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

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