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I had a talk with one of the people interested in the book. I told her that for the investment of 9€, you will find ideas and thoughts that will bring joy and boost the awareness of our existence. Without letting me finish, she asked what the future dividends were?! Well, dear, I said, the “dividents,” if we could call it that, is the realization that we are not material beings who only eat, drink, sleep, have sex till this magic called life passes, but that we have a deep spiritual meaning for our existence! The rest you will find inside!

Quarantine Diaries started in March 2020 and continue nearly till today. That is why the word beyond is there. What do we do during the quarantine and lockdown? Some investigate, some recall their memories, and some do the repair work at their homes, while some do all that and write about it. This book has it all, but there are no answers! You will be inspired to find the answers by yourself!

Readers review:

“To be or not to be…..

I have been following Darko for many years and have followed the birth of his book step by step. Master in saying and not saying, hitting and hiding the hand, Darko has done a remarkable job in terms of content and research. His audience needs great attention and curiosity in following the logical thread of his writings.

The most striking thing is the positivity of his message to all of us, his generosity in sharing passion, love, knowledge and intuition.

Like a patient spider weaves its web every day, Darko writes his thoughts, his discoveries and his message is clear: better be!

A gift of great value in a time where everything seems to be worse but in reality it does not go, we will not allow it.

Thanks Darko!

Adriano Davidoni”

From Backpage

We live in a world made of manipulation, lies, and fairy tales. You will find the truth when you break free, place the fear in the position where it belongs, and start feeling. Intuition sharpens, stereotypes disappear and you wake up timidly taking the first steps of a new self. That new, old self you were deprived of. And all that depends only on you. Just YOU! This book will inspire you to boost your curiosity and learn more about personalities that left with us many deeds that became seeds for the advancement of humanity, no matter the current circumstances.

Seeds that were planted by the people like Nikola Tesla, and car without fuel and electricity, Sokolu Mehmed Pasha and his Venice connections, Leonardo Da Vinci with Mona Lisa being Caterina Cornaro-The Mona-Lonely Lady, Antoine Bechamp and fermentation, Eminescu and freedom, Kipling values, Colonel Edward House vision and influence and modern beginning of Conspiracy Practitioners, and people behind Alan Ford or Greek Zorba. And many others you will read about inside.

I leave you with one word meaning all and showing us the way for our existence – LOVE!

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