Quarantine Diaries and Beyond-Awake and Make

Quarantine Diaries and Beyond
Awake and Make
The newly published 228 page eBook of Darko Richard Lancelot is a very positive and refreshing revelation. As one of the readers said, Darko is like a patient spider who weaves its web every day…. and his message is clear: Better Be! Better be than not to be! And TO BE is to feel that you exist free of fear and manipulation, which is overwhelming the western world.
Quarantine Diaries started in March of 2020 when we thought that all would be well if we flattened the curve! Do you remember that marketing strategy? How many of us followed it? Believed it?
Well, in his book Darko Richard Lancelot does not give the answers. He inspires you to investigate and find out by yourself. He does not teach. He complements the reader. He has been writing for phoilosophyofgoodnews.com for the last six years, making the site have more than 340000 unique visitors from more than 100 countries.
Darko does not forget and reminds us that we can not live our lives and go towards fulfillment without positioning and rediscovering the main flywheel of life, which is simple LOVE!
You will read his poetry and his sweet, human, positive thoughts that inspire and awake and make you more aware of what life’s purpose should be. If you suffer from a lack of curiosity and life meaning, this is the book that will definitely motivate you to rediscover the most important person in your life-YOU!
That is how you will become ready to help your family and friends and, of course, humanity to advance towards common sense and LOVE!

Philosophyofgoodnews.com warmly recommends it!

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Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling life!

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