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The title for this first additional essay, distributed free, is from the comment for my eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond made by Adriano Davidoni.
Wake for a while just to see how it looks like. If you have difficulty dropping highly contagious news or at least investigating for yourself only, continue sleeping. It is not yet your time, and no one can convince you about anything. You can only be convinced by your awake self! I recently visited a couple of bars and restaurants and spoke with the staff and some of the owners. “Better to close,” was their joint comment to my question, how is it going. That would mean Better NOT be! But we want BETTER BE!
TO BE, it would be of interest to find out about testing! Somehow, one-eyed is following the blind, and we all accept tests as they are. Then when you start interviewing people, you find out that the vast majority of them do not have any symptoms! Nothing! That is called in this great new dogma, called science, with already appointed inquisitors, “asymptomatic!”

It is so symptomatic that it is called asymptomatic!

So ask only one common sensed question. Who owns the production of the test? I have no intention to imply anything, just reminding myself first about the Latin proverb-“QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES,” or WHO WILL GUARD THE GUARDS THEMSELVES.
Concentrate, and you will win! Concentrate a little more, and you will realize! Concentrate further, and you will be free! CONCENTRATING IS DIFFICULT! But even when you learned how to walk, it was not easy! However, you started walking and after running! Just CONCENTRATE!

In a world where injustice becomes justice and lies become truth, where the majority is at sleep, confidence is low, and fear governs, there is a way out! There is always a way to make life real! Be! Life is real only when we are real and without fear!
So investigate. Who owns the tests?
Who is making money and control out of it? Who is paying for that?
Instead of “world news” channels, read books! Instead of discussing who does what and reading words of those new inquisitors who are paid to manipulate, discuss beautiful memories and family values, plan to make more children, and make your house and neighborhood better and united.

When you understand that the so-called freedom we experience now is only the gift of the institutional power that can not harm it, you will start realizing what is to be done and how. The first thing one can do is instead of running towards work and work and work as a way, or better said as an alibi, not to have time to think about one’s destiny, is to start THINKING about the LIFE PURPOSE! Do you have aim which will take you towards fulfillment where they will not say to you when you are gone- “He went to the better world,” but will say HE MADE OUR WORLD BETTER!

As one of the beautiful minds and a friend said in the books about people who made this world possible with their conclusions and inventions; Look at the stars! Count them! Imagine!

Living the moment is important and always beautiful when filled with love, respect, curiosity! But it is crucial to remember the past and dream about the future! Imagination, creativity, ingenuity are ingredients of FREEDOM, not given by any authority but discovered and acquired by YOU!
When they say that you are irrational, as that word is implied by those new inquisitors who sold their soul to who knows what, be happy! You are on the right track! You are discovering the process of becoming! Better, rediscovering! Do not worry if you are not as young as you used to be, as the apple which ripens late lasts longer!
Take a decision, start walking towards fulfillment and remember that wherever we are going, we are already there waiting for ourselves!
And do not forget to investigate!
Who is guarding the guardians?

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