Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.”


“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.” THOMAS PAINE


Nearly one year passed and still we are struggling. We are in the constant preasure not to let epidemic of fear go! The system is huge and it is collapsing slowly until it reaches the point of no return. Maybe that point is reached already. However, the system is still struggling to survive. Won’t just give up. If it can not survive system wants to self-destruct, and in the process, wishes to take us with it. And it’s still nice for us. Isnt it? We are continue simmering in lukewarm water adorned with beautiful fragrances! We do not smell war still. However it is being discussed how to promote it and to use us a little bit more till we get cooked completely. The sooner we understand, the better for all of us! Happy awaking!

Now I go for coffee to wake up and get inspired. I hope with all my heart that I will inspire others. At least one! And do not forget

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

-‐—————————————————————————— 11/1/2022

I often visit one place, a coffee shop where tales are exchanged, and boosters for the soul( I mean coffee ) are drunk. Following that booster ( I now use a modern word to be understandable to the majority), I asked my dear friend if he could change the music and introduce one in which vibrations awake the soul, smoothing the heart and inspire the brain. Try it. It is a winning move! And investigate for a bit. Two minutes of your time would be a good start. 

So, my little experiment started. Some young men near me began to listen to other music using their cell phones. It continued for just some seconds three times, and then they stopped. By themselves. It is a free world. The balanced vibration music has overwhelmed the coffee shop. Ether, healed and cleared, starts to function, spreading the music vibes to us and the universe! Do you hear? You can! 

Little is needed to feel well if you are in the right frequency. Reading interviews of Nikola Tesla from the beginning of the last century will be revealing! 

Remember, nothing is possible if YOU are not prepared! To be prepared is a difficult thing requiring a lot of continuous work. Forget Darwin! Many forgot, but the system let you get indoctrinated by the words that even Darwin did not mean! Then the same bunch of people made you think that Kropotkin is “anarchist” in the way they made this word sound! That man who wrote the book- Mutual Aid! Mutual aid! Mutual is that what bothers all those costing us our development! Find out! Gurdjieff said that “the evolution of man depends on his understanding of what he may get and what he must give for it.”  

If we want to proceed with our evolution, we need to grow! Horizontally! Vertical is what the system wants, and horizontal is what humanity needs! There is nothing like overpopulated Earth! There is nothing like global warming! Investigate! Science, that one for the masses, became dogma! Dogma with their inquisitors! Their manipulators and kapos! 

And while I was writing this one, a caring message awake me further! One message that said- All ok with you after the earthquake? Connected with the music and with these seven words, I stopped with a wish to change the world and open the eyes of my fellow human beings! Instead, I wanted to feel the love! To live love, and give all my being to care for that beautiful soul lady with magic hands! And that is true! Feelings are developing slowly, rising carefully not to be disturbed until the foundation is made! Like a child learning to walk! Purpose of life? To love! To love without asking anything back! Everything will be in place for us if we are consistent, genuine, pure! 

Hedonists? Maybe! To the point and without exaggeration! Hedonist one can be having a small glass of wine accompanied by the person caring about! Or just feeling genuine warmth. Your senses will sharpen. Your sight, hearing abilities, smelling, taste, and touch will improve! One after the other! From the state of sleep, you will rise towards the state of waking. 

And love! Be patient and consistent! But love with full lungs! 

Dream! When you are waking, do not forget to dream! We are a complex machine but a machine with the soul and feelings! Whoever aims to complicate, abandon it and proceed towards simplicity and common sense! We are free only when we unchain our inner self. Only when we learn that less is more! Accepting less, we get more! Reflect, and you will see. 

Yesterday 10/1/2022 it was the date that my son was born like many other human beings. Still, at the same time, it was the date when the pamphlet Common Sense of Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the USA and one of the contributors to the declaration of independence, was published! 

Advocating independence of American colonies from Britain, using simple language, as a medicine for the manipulated human soul it left with us a beautiful, deep meaning of his saying that “time makes more converts than a reason,” as well as teaching us that “the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered, and the easier repaired when disordered.” 

He did not mention greed, setting standards for what would be enough for one to have! In my essay, “what is enough,” I gave numbers and reasons for them! Many told me that this is crazy, but I like being crazy for writing the numbers! Just let me present you with some statistics, which is self-explanatory! Conclusion? Every idea is great as long as it is balanced! After that, it becomes destructive!

I set the limits here and in the eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can see here I left many hints and as many stories that will clear your mind and take you towards awaking! BETER BE!

By achieving that limit, one should work to help others achieve it. The success would be measured by the COMMON GOOD and DEVELOPMENT of THE EARTH as a whole! Many of us will achieve immortality! By the way, Earth can sustain( you remember that word?) more than 20 billion people. Not slaves! People! For them, for all of us, to live in peace and develop, education is the key! Education about human values! Here Thomas Paine comes back again! 

He left with us words with which every person involved in education on this Earth should start his lesson with:  

“Do to others what you would like them to do to you.”

At the same time, he stated:

“Our present condition, is, legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; 

constitution without the name; and, what is strangely astonishing, perfect independence contending for dependence… The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random, and feeling no fixed object before them, they pursue such, as fancy or opinion starts. Nothing is criminal; there is no such thing as treason; wherefore, every one thinks himself at liberty to act as he pleases.”

Do those words look familiar today?

To be continued…

After many of the philosophyofgoodnews readers and followers requested, this writing is open and in the public domain! 


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