Lasting Tragedy and Immortal Hope-Human Saga-Novak Djokovic

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Lasting Tragedy and Immortal Hope conjures the events during Novak Djokovic saga in Australia and mirrors our human behavior through our comments. You will see all the greatness and “greatness” of us humans from all sides!

Table of Content

Preface-Human Behavior

Novak Djokovic-“Gde si Brate!?”

“Gde si brate!?” NO 2- Integrity- Peace be upon YOU!

Novak Djokovic Australian Saga-One step made! Common sense prevailed! For now…

Human Saga-“Time makes more converts than a reason.”

“Inherit the Wind,” Novak Djokovic

Comments and thoughts from different sources-collected and presented by D.R.Lancelot

Copyright- D.R.Lancelot 2022

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