Insanity rules the west

The Geographical Pivot of History (1904)
H. J. Mackinder- Euroasia is to prevail. The sooner they understand the better

Here you can find the speech of V.V.Putin dated 21/2/2022. So let’s play with numbers. But first here is the link for you to hear and investigate.

So, 21/2/2022. If you have in mind that pamphlet COMMON SENSE was published 10/1/1776 and that the Declaration of the Independence was signed 4/7/1776 you will see the significance of numbers. So, 1+1+1+7+7+6= 23 = 2+3=5 and 4+7+1+7+7+6= 32 = 3+2=5 Then you need to find out what number 5 represents. Again you can find more in the newly published eBook Quarantine Diaries and Beyond you can purchase here

Let’s see 21/2/2022= 2+1+2+2+2+2=11=1+1=2 As one of my friends sharing his thoughts said today- “number 2 represents harmony, cooperation, emotion, companionship.” Having in mind that today is 22/2/2022 when number 2 celebrates its existence the message is enhanced further. Then when you learn about Hellena Blavatska and theosophical society of USA your curiosity might reach new levels and then you might see what is rolling behind the hill…

No more unsubstantiated negotiations. That to happen needs substance and needs calmness for the sake of all of us. It looks that it is enough of nonsense, and that now many will expressly learn geography. Great. This is why I mention the article of 1904 and even borrow one of the maps. At the same time as many will learn that all that moronic shares and financial transactions made to enrich few at the expense of many will stop! Money needs to be used as its primary meaning- that of the means of exchange! It is not a product just a necessary means invented to make our life easier. Real economy is in producing something and not in making financial transactions. That will go back where it belongs. To casinos. The sooner the better. Real economy is to produce, to refine, to invent further common good. Those greedy so called financiers who’s moral does not exist as it was destroyed in their childhood will realise that the best way to survive is to invest in production. That billioner who is to pity due to his statements about this infection, at least invested in land. Hopefully to produce something meaningful.

That is the message to all those greedy and immoral creatures. Especially all those that are rented and have responsibility to huge number of people and nations. Wake up or at least resign.

Great Reset will not happen as all those wanted. Great Reset will be turning 180 degrees and will happen with new awakening of people. With family values taking over the greed and insidious acts.

That is what all this is about. And majority of hard working Ukrainians do understand that. Majority are Slavs and will not fight Slavs. Well that will not be well received in pedophile circles, and all those mad people who due to hate and the weight of their ancestors they carry with them will be disappointed but that is what will happen between ordinary people. And believe it or not all are invited to join efforts to make our world better. Those who change on time and have still clean hands will be definitely accepted with open arms. The others have bad luck. To remind that number two 2 represents harmony, cooperation, emotion, companionship all registered in the above speech as well as disappointment that there are still, so many people entrapped in their own cunning without the vision how to proceed. Hope will overcome the Tragedy!

Time to awake and not to forget that all those acting as “Democrats,’ bombed one European nation and its capital Belgrade in 1999 without any UNSC resolution. Shame on you all!

Darko Richard Lancelot



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