Sane or Insane No.10 “Tragedy and Hope”

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Suppose you have wife or husband. Or a partner, to use modern expression comming from the”Great Reset” people.

Than you learn that your wife is cheating on you. As you could project the future you try to have human conversation and save the partnership or marriage. Your partner understands her mistake and acknowledge responsibility for the common future. She still has emotions for you and you for her. This story can be vise versa and the husband could have an affair with the woman out from the partnership or marriage.

For some time all goes good but, the woman or the man, have some doubts and the influence of the outsiders becomes insidious and sneaky using words like, I respect you but I love you more and I want you more, or I can give you more than your wife/husband, or even the man could say I will go and ask from your husband to divorce you and then I will marry you! Wooow. Really?

Or the lady mistress could call the wife and inform her that she has a deep relation with her husband and that she wants him badly. To continue she informs the wife how he also says that he loves her and not his wife-you, and that she loaned him 7000 euros to overcome financial difficulties.

Like it or not characters can not sustain all that pressure and decide to break from the partner using him or her for financial gain while selling body and personality to the stranger who came from thousands kilometers away. Foreign looks better for some time till it shows the real face.

That face is there from the beginning, planing to penetrate the family and destroy or wife or husband or partner for plain gain. No emotions. But it is presented as hansom beautiful personality with nice smile and Hollywood face. As my grandmother said there are people you see them and feel that outside is gold and inside shit. Decisions determine destiny.

Now imagine that husband paid all the loans of the wife and wife said, I do not care and I will give all mine to the foreigner and starts making new loans for the sake of the foreign”help.” So you as an highly human and emotional person say that it is OK and continue trying to even become a friend with intruder who used your wife and managed to make her a slave under loans for second time in order to get personal profit. Wife understands but it is difficult to approach husband as the trust died.

However, the time comes when husband says it is enough.

Takes out all the loan papers and faces the foreigner and ex wife. They both, surprised from the exhusband reaction and due to the catastrophic results of their behaviour are hopeless and can not react.

The husband follows the truth and only the truth and manages to take back what was his with some fight included, and gives that to his and her children. Then and only then the ex wife understands the mistake but it is all over and life continues. The foreigner tries involving other people gossiping the husband that he is nervous or not human but the husband does not care as the aim of his life is the future of his children and not the words from insidious people.

Will life continue? Oh yes it will. Where will the foreigners be? We do not know but what is certain is that the husband is going to the angels.

By the way the photo above is from the Croatian citizens of Serbian origin fleeing their homes in Croatia and becoming refugees due to the ethnic cleansing done by Croatian Army in 1995 with the help of USA instructors. From then there are few Serbs left in Croatia who became the member OF EU AND NATO. It was a reward rmfor doing so professionally the ethnic cleansing.


Darko Richard Lancelot

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