Sane or Insane- To Talk or To Fly?

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I do not know from where to start. After so many years, the Nuclear Deterrent Forces of one of the superpowers have been put on the “highest alert.”
“Personal dogmas, idiosyncratic conceptions of the world, can serve the same purposes, making particular beliefs both plausible and rigid, impervious to communications from the opponent. Simple misinformation or ignorance, compounded by wishful thinking, can likewise enhance one’s “willingness to risk” by overestimating the potential gains and underestimating the potential losses from commitment…” This is from “The political Uses of Madness,” by Daniel Ellsberg lecture in 1959!
Any kind of war is a disaster. The criminal, bombing of Belgrade in 1999 was a disaster. Complete tragedy! It has been done by 100 time stronger force of “brave” people and armies. 100 times stronger than defenders. And then and now and every time, people were manipulated for the aim of wonderers to go through. Was Serbia or Iraq bombing worthed? According to an unfortunately well-known but forgotten video, “it was worthed.” Values are universal! Not invented by the circumstances!

Having mastered manipulation and trained masses to accept lockdown, social distancing, quarantine, and to listen to stupidities of Shwab and Gates and who knows whom more people are conditioned to overreact to everything! It is their choice, as long as they do not harm anyone. But for those that are governing, it is not! It is the responsibility not to provoke and insidiously prepare the surprise like Nazi Germany did with surprise attack on the Soviet Union on 22/6/1941.

Benjamin Franklin, whose face you can see in many times devaluated 50$ FD notes, said something like this: if you want someone to do something you want, make him think that it was his own idea. Lately, promoted by narcissistic and rented advisors, this is how stupidity or better destruction, is spread! It costs! It costs lives! Human lives! Unfortunately, it is the truth! It is happening many times now in front of our eyes.
Those who roam had decided to again revenge Russia by pushing hard to start WW III.
And that is the truth! You can see those faces everywhere! Investigate roots! The planet is at stake here! Everything is at stake, from those who have billions to those who do not have. Ukrainian and Russian people are just victims! One question for those that have. Where will you spend money in the destroyed planet?
This actor, trained to manipulate people, completely bought by those who roam, is said to have in his foreign accounts 1.2 BN $. Plus house in Miami and jewelry worth more than 5 Mil.$. Is this propaganda? Would like to be so very much!
Winston Churchill said, “the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” The tragedy is that it costs human lives!
Those who roam want revenge, and those who do not wander are blackmailed, rented, or manipulated!
Anyone with sanity? Anyone with vision? Anyone who has the way to take roaming guys to roam somewhere else? Wake up!
Incapacity is often connected with insidiousness, while insidiousness is always associated with profound stupidity. Insidiousness can often be the way to proceed with the robbery of whole nations. Still, it will never be a long-term winner. Using incapacitated personalities became the must for all those wanderers! The system of credit is made by them and for them! It is not their main objective! But it is used to subdue humanity! To subdue, and it looks like to provoke and destroy us all! All! Left, right, strate or not.
They want to destroy all! They are jealous of every success! “Western civilization is the richest and most powerful social organization ever made by man. One reason for this success has been its economic organization.” Carroll Quigley Tragedy and Hope. This is written before Greenspan’s “reform,” making futures and derivatives of money to be introduced for the sole purpose to blind people with easy money and castrate their feeling that to PRODUCE is to PROGRES!
However, in the same book, you can find this: “The destructive impact of Western Civilization upon so many other societies rests on its ability to demoralize their ideological and spiritual culture as much as its ability to destroy them in a material sense with firearms.”
Rings the bell why is this crucial together with point 18 of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation of last year saying –
“reduction in the use of the U.S. dollar in the implementation of foreign economic activity.
Let’s be reminded!
Goods are wealth. An asset. Money is a claim on the wealth you do not have.  Money is the DEPT while the goods are an ASSET! The DEPT is rising and rising, and it is at unprecedented levels!
Always there is a way to postpone the irreversible outcome with more cost for everyone. Some think that WWIII is the way out! Is that possible as, once the process is in motion, it is extremely difficult to stop it. But it is very worth trying to divert it!
It looks like that those that grab the issuance of fiat money are very nervous as they will lose the game! They influence advisors to influence politicians to provoke the TOTAL DESTRUCTION!
Humanity is at stake! Calm down and talk! ALL OF YOU TOGETHER!
Without wanderers.

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect

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