Sane or Insane- UK and Continental Europe

From ‘The Geographical Pivot of History” 1904

The history will repeat itself. Albion decided to leave EU and did the great strategic move. It left EU with Ursula and Joseph and other unelected beings to blackmail all the other states of EU to sanction Russia and widen already huge economic crisis. That blackmail is done with simple printing of nonexistent value of money. Or better artificially existent.

Printing and printing and printing the money will have the end and that end will be a destruction of EU and especially Germany. The politicians you know now will lose their places and will become accountable for their shortcomings. Sir Wiston Churchil said: “the truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end there it is.” This quote will be confirmed one more time. Actually it is already confirmed behind the close doors. From yesterday.

That was always geopolitical aim of UK. United Germany can not exist. Margaret Tacher begged Gorbi( this is how she was calling him as Gorbachev first official visit abroad was to UK. He was accompanied with Raisa and made friends then with Margaret and Brithish establishment)not to give his consent for Germany to be reunited. With Merlel gone and new Chancellor, Germany looks like the paper tiger. Germans were projected to pay the price from the moment when then UK Prime minister David Cameron rejected the way EU financial markets work.

So British left the continent to Control it better! From behind. Those unelected bureaucrats running after positions and benefits are an easy bite for forward thinking British strategists. Those you can not see but which decisions you can feel. That is how continental Europe rushed to send guns, do sanctions, bann banks, people and planes and even TV and news channels.

Sometimes it is necessary to be surrounded by stupidity to show the difference. That is another way to get the place at the negotiating table when the time comes. Boris will be included in that. Europe is out. And this is what Boris is doing now. His cabinet has some of the most peculiar must be undereducated narcissistic personalities that make Boris look great. Slowly he is approaching Sir Winstons shoes. The UK and USA are two western countries where still the news channel of RT is working. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS A MUST. Like it or not. That is what makes UK an island of freedom and its people the ambassadors and promoters of the way of living and economy that all can only be jealous of.

Suggestion to other corrupted continental politicians is to look, listen and learn from UK and not to rush to conclusions as Russia is registering all. The payday will be prepared and done when the time is right. So, continental Europe is better to calm down. Except if all of those are corrupeted and really under the blackmail of roaming interests. Better to say the truth and resign than to do more damage to the wounded Europe. Better

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