At turbulent times, when logic and calmness are lost, when disappointments of the people with superiority complex come to the fore, the truth becomes the victim! People are once more blinded, like with the appearance of so-called epidemy and all authoritarian measures that followed and that were implemented. But at the same time, many humans awake and start looking at the world without fear, realizing that they have been manipulated!
One thing is never enough, and it is always in deficit! That is togetherness!
This short film below is a try for a wake-up call! Some kind of try to cure BLINDNESS and HATE and STUPIDITY!
Not because of Russia – Ukraine but because of all of us, and especially about insidious operations of outsiders using bribery and corruption to manipulate part of the world view and trying to suppress the truth and the real reason for the conflict. But, before the video, you can find below, let me share with you a real story.

The story when NATO was bombing Belgrade in 1999 without ANY legal basis. During the 78 days of destruction caused by NATO airplanes, Serbs demonstrated in different countries. In one of them this story took place. Namely, Serbs came to demonstrate in front of one of the aggressors’ embassy, and as it was hot, many came with t-shirts and as many with short trousers. However, one Serb had a tie as he came from the nearby office and did not have time to change. The journalists who were there to cover the demonstration saw that man, and one of them approached him and asked the question: “Are you organizing this?” The man calmly replied: “Dear Sir, in the civilized world, you first salute, introduce yourself saying who you are and whom you represent, and then you can ask any question you like.” The journalist immediately replied, giving his name and saying that he was a correspondent of the TIMES of London. That was like a relief for the men with the tie, as he said his name and replied that he was not organizing anything and that this get-together was spontaneous. As the contact was established, the correspondent of the TIMES of London asked that man if he had anything to say about the intervention of the NATO countries. The men, humbly and with great self-confidence, replied- YES! “Yes, sir, I have! But I do not think that your esteemed and highly respected newspaper will publish this what I have to say.” The correspondent insisted, encouraging the man to express himself, saying that he would do his utmost for the reply to be published. He opened his reporter’s diary and got ready to write to show his commitment. The man with the tie was hesitant but after some time, and after giving his name, said: Me, that and that, want to say one billion times! “Did you write one billion times?” he asked the journalist to get the answer- “Yes. Look, I wrote it.” So men with the tie continued- “Me that, and that says one billion times- I LOVE BRITISH PEOPLE!” “You are bombing my country, but I love you!” “That is the only way for us to stay human, whatever disaster we are facing! Love!”
The correspondent of the TIMES of London was astonished, and while he stopped writing, he said- ” I am not British, I am Irish!” The men with the tie replied calmly-” Does not make the difference! I love you too!” As the men with the tie saw that the Irish correspondent of Times of London did not wrote his statement, he said with great disappointment- “Dear, if I said fuck you or I cursed your leaders, you would gladly publish it as it would follow the policy of Divide and Rule your employers would like to promote! I hope I am mistaken! Will you have the human capacity to report that one man said that he LOVES BRITISH PEOPLE even when his country is bombed by their planes?!” Correspondent left without a goodbye, and I saw the lady coming to the man with the tie, touching his shoulder and saying, I am from Reuters, and I adore and highly respect what you have said!
Is it possible that the only what is left in this western world are lies, propaganda, and manipulation by corrupted people? Carroll Quigley talked and wrote about it many decades ago. What he analyzed is happening in front of our eyes! The only way out is TOGETHERNESS, and this video is about that!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect
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