Sane or Insane-The trap is working in the opposite direction

It is confirmed another time that manipulation of consciousness has far-reaching effects. It became so substantial and is taking those incapacitated so-called politicians like the centripetal force down towards the abyss! Their existence and survival are based on lies, combined with insidious stupidity!
What was the German chief of intelligence BND looking for in Ukraina prior to the Russian Special operation? Well he did not receive the files of Ukrainian fascists killings of civilians and mass graves. That was given, as some say, to the new German Chancelor by diplomatic post. However, the BND boss was not in Kyiv, as reports say. He was somewhere else and did not reach Kyiv to be evacuated with others, but the special team needed to be sent to pick him up and evacuate him by road.

It would be interesting to learn if the head of MI6 or CIA would risk being in the position he put himself in. It means that there was something very substantial that shows that German involvement was very serious.Whatever, it confirms that no one knew when the special operation would begin. Surprise.
In connection to that, or maybe not, but here it is now, we hear reports that Pentagone ran Biowarfare Programme with nearly 30 Biolabs “suitable” to store and work with pathogens, including those used in bioweapons. This story will develop further, be sure about that.
It can not be explained otherwise than with plain behavior analysis!
When you are taken by surprise and realize that your opponent knew all these years about your plans and your ideas to subdue, conquer rob and destroy Russia and its people taking all of its national resources by using Ukraine and its people, you respond with so much fascistoid rage and hate when you awake from your dreams and see Russia reacting preemptively! Very difficult decision!

However, that behavior is not the western one! Not of western hemisphere people! It was imported and built in the Western societies by those roaming wanderers seeking to use the West to take revenge on Russia! The same story that has happened in 1917! Who killed Romanovs? You can read more here

Russia warned and warned and warned, but the West and the people who took the West as a hostage never wanted any peaceful coexistence, but only plain revenge from the defeat that happened 1000 years ago! History IS the teacher of life! Find out! If it was not sick, it would be a fairytale!
There will be no change in policies as long as they are in charge of the western most influential countries. They infiltrated all and everything! Even the cats’ international competitions! However! There are people running some Western countries who have their own view and integrity and are always well informed about the factual truth and the happenings on the ground, plus have the vision and aim to leave something good behind them! That would be said for today’s President of France, Mr. Macron. No need to elaborate more, as history will be remembering him!
There are rumors that the foreign fighters will be going to Ukraine to fight the Russians. Which Russians? Russians of Ukraine or Russians from Russia? They are the same Russians! How will they be distinguishing between Russian of Ukraine and Russians from Russia? If they do not care, one is sure; they are fascists whose only aim is to kill Russians everywhere. That is the racist behavior propagated and promoted by Goebels and German Nazis! I am sure that Americans are not for that. A small group inside of their government, unelected officials, makes decisions for the American people but without the American people! They could be called as baptized them “Straussians.” They run the USA government.
Their ancestors took Gehlen from Nazi Germany to show them how to establish the security apparatus. That same Reinhard Gehlen who was behind the Berlin uprising in 1953 and the Hungarian revolt in 1956! He left behind the policies and practical know-how for all those “color” revolutions. Manipulate and manipulate, and again, whatever happens, manipulate! He was one of the students of Joseph Goebbels. The latter at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally stated: ” While enemy states produced unprecedented atrocity propaganda aimed at Germany throughout the whole world, we did nothing and were completely defenseless against it… Just as we were militarily and economically unprepared for the war, so also with PROPAGANDA. We lost the war( WWI) in this area more than in any other. THE CLEVEREST TRICK USED IN PROPAGANDA AGAINST GERMANY DURING THE WAR WAS TO ACCUSE GERMANY OF WHAT OUR ENEMIES THEMSELVES WERE DOING!”
That is what is happening now! The West is accusing Russia of what it has been doing all these years and continues doing!

The reaction of the free people of the West would be like in the Spanish Civil War! To form international brigades and to help Russians fight fascism in Ukraine! At this moment, France is showing a stable and logical stance, and it does not “close” its ability to be in balance. It is contrary to 1933-1936 when France closed its territory for international fighters to join Spanish Civil War.

This is the brochure’s cover page marking the 50th anniversary of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade established by Americans to fight against fascists in Spain.
Abraham Lincoln Battalion and George Washington Battalion consisted of American volunteers in the International Brigades that fought during the Spanish Civil War. George Washington’s battalion commander was the Yugoslavian-American, Mirko Markovic.
The battalion fought alongside the Abraham Lincoln Battalion at Brunete in July 1937. As casualties were so high, two units merged on the 14th of July 1937 to become Abraham Lincoln Brigade!

Americans did it and can do it again!
Russia, China, and reformed reindustrialized America, together with all antifascist people of Europe, can deal with their fifth columns and make the world paradise!
It is only up to us!

Darko Richard Lancelot
Connect and Respect
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