Sane or Insane-Fascism reborn?

What the West could not do in 1939 due to the Hitler attack on Poland and war with the U.K. stayed buried to resurface after 2007 and Putin’s speech in Munich. All roads go to…. Russia! How did they forget about Helena Blavatsky! It is so obvious that the hate blinded them to read and learn from the history!

Helena Blavatsky – source Wikipedia

September 11 and all these wars done by U.S.A. and slaves incorporation were the best warnings for Russia to prepare for insidious yet stupid as obvious events that were approaching. And still, Russian politicians talked to Western politicians calling them partners. Both knew that this was not the case, but both used time to organize better. After the 2014 coup against the legally elected president of Ukraine and now famous but for broad audience suppressed statement of the high ranking U.S.A. diplomat “Fuck Europe,” America put in motion the final preparations for instant and highly destructive “intervention” in Russia. Is Russia so big that it is not fair to have so much wealth? So, the best way is to cut Russia into pieces and rob as much as possible, like in all other places? Remember Opium War one and two? Or taking all the petroleum from Iraq as fast as possible after the Iraqi president at the time, decided to sell crude in other currencies, avoiding transactions in USD? To refresh your memory or make you a memory, the man who had doubts about Saddam’s W.M.D., David Christopher Kelly, was found dead 17/7/2003.
From Wikipedia: David Christopher Kelly C.M.G. (May 14 1944 – July 17 2003) was a Welsh scientist and authority on biological warfare (B.W.). In July 2003, he had an off-the-record conversation with Andrew Gilligan, a B.B.C. journalist; during their discussion, they talked about the 2002 dossier on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which stated that some of Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons were deployable within 45 minutes. When Gilligan reported this on B.B.C. Radio 4’s Today program, he stated that the 45-minute claim was included at the insistence of Alastair Campbell, the Downing Street Director of Communications—something Kelly denied. The government complained to the B.B.C. about the claim, but they refused to recant on the claim; political tumult between Downing Street and the B.B.C. developed. Kelly informed his line managers in the Ministry of Defence that he may have been the source, but did not think he was the only one, as Gilligan had reported points he had not mentioned. Kelly’s name became known to the media, and he was called to appear on July 15 before the parliamentary Intelligence and Security and Foreign Affairs Select committees. Two days later, Kelly was found dead near his home.
And the story from Guardian-

Let’s repeat what was announced in July 2021 in the Russian Federation National Security Strategy point 18- “Reduction in the use of the U.S. dollar in the implementation of foreign economic activity.”
So what is the issue? The issue is that EVERY COUNTRY HAS RIGHT TO DECIDE FOLLOWING ITS INTERESTS! Do not forget that in Ukraine, after the 2014 illegal coup, those interests are expressed by the interests of another country! That of the U.S.A. Many visits of U.S. officials were conducted there with so many different aims, including the making of Biolabs( 30 found up to know) and with one common denominator: Destroy Russia.
What fools! Russia that helped America in the Civil War and cooperated in the Spanish Civil War and WWII?
One is certain!
The world needs America as it needs Russia! America reformed and reindustrialized! The world needs positivity and inspiration from the Americans! Those that love their country but do not hate any other one! Those that gave so many inventions to the world due to the atmosphere created! One Nikola Tesla was living there! One Mark Twain! I mentioned those two but do not forget all the others you might think of now! Write and read about those people! Thomas Paine and his Common Sense Pamphlet! J.Q.Adams! Or J.F.K. or Dwight Eisenhower or Nixon and his beautiful quote towards Chinese delegation I just sent to one of my eBook readers: “Since you do not know me, you shouldn’t trust me. You will find I never say something I can not do. And I always will do more than I can say.”
What a beautiful way to start injecting fresh air into the world! Was he forced to resign and because of this?
It is for the American people to get rid of the fifth column that usurped the enormous power America has. Those are roamers and wanderers! Infiltrated everywhere! Now you can see them, as they are forced out of the holes! Those are trained with hate and instead of following the cooperation policy, they follow the policy of revenge and destruction! Their ancestors lost and they are thought to hate and to seek revenge!
However, the world is waiting! Russia is waiting! China is waiting! India ia waiting! Pakistan is waiting! All are awaiting the U.S.A.’s awaking, which does not call for the assassination of foreign leaders but for cooperation and peaceful coexistence!

You change; the world will change!

Darko Richard Lancelot
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